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    I got that with my eldest Tristan. My partners family loved it - my own family didn't. I got "Oh, thats such a funny joke -what are u really calling him?", "I've already got social services on speed dial", "thats so SAD!", "You can tuse that with UR surname" (and no, we used it with his dads surname.. :P problem solved!)

    I did see on a forum that a mum 'claimed' to have named her children Shakira, Beyonce, Rhianna and Tinchy - whether its TRUE, I don't know.

    I've also heard of sisters named Princess and Babydoll. THey had equally silly mn's but I cannot remember them. That was legit though. Mum said her childrens names reflected her hopes and dreams for their future... o_O

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    I've met a man named Chance, spelled Chantz. I'm sure that his parents dealt with some skeptical reactions when they announced it, but it turned out to really suit him and actually be a great name.

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    My god mother fostered sisters named Shakira and Chareese (spelling) she called them Kira and Reesie which is a lot better

    I saw on a leavers jumper: Tuscany
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    It's not really as bad as most.. just interesting as I actually made an effort to listen to their names...

    A woman and her two daughters came into where I work. I assisted them with what they needed and all the while heard the mother call her girls Charlie and Ryan.

    Too much masculine me thinks.

    Kri8ef spellings bother me much more than "odd" names. I'd prefer Carrot to Szjaerlut (Charlotte) .

    Then again, for the child, I suppose it is much easier to just change the spelling of your name than it is to change your name all together.

    Anyway, I'm sure I'll get tons of eye rolls for my future children's names...

    To each his own
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    Crevan - I did get used to it but when I first heard it.

    Diamond - that was a kid I knew in elementary school, I didn't think of anything it then (I was 8) but now I realize how ridiculous it is.
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