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    There's a girl at my school called T'Leesha. And another called A'Briahn. (like Aubrey Ann, but obviously not.) I know a LOT of made up names that just make me cringe!

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    There is a girl in one of True's classes named Knowledge. I was shocked when Truman came home and was like, "Mom, I met the new girl today her name is Knowledge." There was a mom at the park after I had just had Delaney, that her daughter's name was Hennessey. I almost fell off the park bench and we got strange looks when we named Truman, Truman. And we did get some looks when we named Delaney, because everyone though we were going to name her something "weird".
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    I met a little girl named Kaiden the other day...

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    I saw the name A n d r o m e d a, in my niece's closing ceremony program. I asked her if the little girl was teased about her name and she said, "No, but she mostly goes by, Andy." I thought it was a special and rare find. I know it's not most people taste, but I like it.

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    Twin girls: Bryliee and Hadliee

    That is the spelling their parents used!

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