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    My friend named her baby, Dorothy. We all hated it. I also cringe every time I hear someone name their called Neveah. Blech. Also, not a fan of creative spelling. My friend named her daughter Alyvia, why not stick with Olivia? I feel bad for kids who parents can't spell!!

    I agree with you on Neveah - horrible!! Reminds me of teen pregnancies.
    However, I think Dorothy is absolutly beautiful. I loved ever since I was a kid reading the Wizard of Oz, in my head people named Dorothy walk around with red, fun shoee, blue birds chirping and have amazing musical abillitites I guess it really is what you associate with it. Also, there are so many great nn for Dorothy!

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    Sindre is a very commen name in Western Europe so that it not that odd sounding to me..

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    A friend of a friend named her daughter Ayvah - all the extra letters seem unnecessary!
    I was also at the toy shop recently buying a present for my niece - I heard a little girl named Sunny (not sure what it was short for/if it was short for something!), and boy's named Phoenix and Orlando. I think Sunny's super cute and was impressed with the boy's parents daring even though I don't love the names!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddie17 View Post
    I was at a park with my niece, Arabella and my boyfriend. My boyfriend was gone off pushing Bella on the swing, so I started a converstation with the girl next to me. She looked about 25 or 26, and had a stroller with a little tiny baby girl in it. I said "what a cute baby" and the mom replyed "thanks". I said "what is her name?" and the mom replyed: "Soleil November, (meaning Sun November)
    and that is my other little girl over there". She pointed to a blonde haired little girl over by the slide. She looked about 4. "her name is Oceana Zayla. I thought the names were crazy! I looked at her like she had something wrong with her!
    I kinda like both Soleil and Oceana if you can pronounce them correctly tough they are completely ruined with those middle names. More traditional middles would have worked perfectly.

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    I met a little Zadie the other day. While the name is nice I can just picture her happen to correct people all the time

    I've also met my fair share of Nevaeh's. I will never understand the appeal of that name.

    And obviously the various forms of the famous Jayden/Jaiden/Jayydon/Jeyden/Jadene ect ect.
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