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    Quote Originally Posted by bellababy View Post
    I met a little boy who is named Casual...enough said
    Ah ha ha that made me laugh far too much!

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    I've been workin as a caricaturist for going on eleven years. Another caricaturist I know was telling me about drawing a little boy; when he asked the kid's name the mom said something that sounded like "Pizalm Ivvy." The kid's name was chosen at random out of the Bible, and was spelled Psalm IV.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellababy View Post
    I met a little boy who is named Casual...enough said
    I know a kid named Kazual.

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    About ten years ago I worked as a children's portrait photographer in a suburb of Dallas, TX. I saw about a million of these in all different spellings: Dylan, Logan, Kobe, Chloe, Haley, Kylie, Sierra, Emily, Liberty, Gracie, Macy, Jacy, and more. I came across all kinds of kree8tyv spellings, from twins Khloee & Kennadee to Hayleygh and Kyyleah and beyond.

    But top honors go to these, and I swear on a stack of Bibles I am making none of them up:

    Xzjahaianna - Young, cute couple comes in. Barely out of their teens. I go to sign them in and first question is the child's name. They say "zhi-AH-nuh." With a long i. And the zh sound is like the way you would say the J in Jacques if you were French. I just looked at them. They spelled it. I remember it to this very day. Couldn't forget it if I tried. As they spelled it they kind of laughed and looked apologetic and said something about getting carried away. So I felt it was safe to make the joke that was in my head: "Can I buy a vowel, Pat?" We all laughed, and I took pictures of little Xzjahaianna and prayed silently they would change it. I have never seen the consonsants x, z, and j shoved together and I hope I never do again.

    Imunique - Imunique was about two weeks and old and completely gorgeous. And yes it's pronounced like "I'm unique." She had a two year old brother named Da'Qualen. I know it because his mom screamed it at him about 1200 times while she was in the studio. And I know the spelling because it was tattooed on her neck.

    Seirra - I thought the child's name was Sierra b/c that's how it was pronounced. And we had a billion Sierras in that year. I went to put the border on the photo like her mom wanted, and typed Sierra. She corrected the spelling to Seirra. She said, "It's pronounced the same as Sierra but I wanted to make it different. I'm worried that maybe it doesn't work right." I explained why it did not. She seemed a little regretful. I pray she changed it. She was very young.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazz1509 View Post
    I was just reading through the previous posts and saw a few people know twins/sisters named Melody and Harmony. I also know sisters named Melody and Harmony! I have always wondered what their parents would have named a 3rd daughter.

    Tone? Lyric?

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