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    Imagineimadiamond. That's right. One Word.
    Drink it in. Breathe it out. Her mother was a family friend, the little girl goes by Madge.
    My Cupcake: Daisha
    Family Pets: Azula and Batgirl

    Sherlock, Doctor Who, Jane Austen, Merlin, Luther, (I was born in the wrong country...)

    Ladies: Alice, Daisha, Lila/Lilia, Danielle, Zella, Freya, Romana, Victoria, Madge, Persephone, Elisabeth, River, Sarah-Jane, Amelia-Rose, Maeve, Daphne
    Gents: Dashiell, Daniel, Zane, Matthew, David, Rhys, Oliver, Henry, Theodore, Felix, Bowen, Derek, Apollo, Baker, Zephyr, Rylan, Morgan, Callen, Robert, Rupert

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