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    I went to school with a girl named Preshuss. I always felt a little bad for her. A more recent instance was a darling little boy named Graedon (pronounced like gray dawn, not gray din). The spelling paired with the surplus of "Gray" names I'm hearing lately makes it so unappealing to me.

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    La-a... this person told me that you pronounce the dash. so the name is pronounced Ladasha.
    Abcde... pronounced Absidee - who names their kid after the alphabet?

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    My mom knows three sisters with the names Stormy, Stoney, and Dusty and my teacher was telling our class about a girl in her headstart class named Mi'angel.

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    My friend just named her baby boy Tuff... I was soooo glad I wasn't there in person when I heard it or she'd have seen my jaw drop in horror!

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    I get awfully tired of the Ladasha story, which flew around the Internet a couple of years ago and suddenly "everyone" knew someone who knew her personally. I suspect that's about as true as the Lemongelo/Orangelo twins.

    In REAL life, I have taught two very lovely young ladies named Vanity and Fantasy. Neither name was, I think, a good deal for those girls, but they quickly overcame any negative associations.

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