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    I just found a relative in my family tree. His name was Sterling. Not so bad, right?
    His middle name? Wait for it.... Price.
    Sterling Price. It's a bit... monetary for me.
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    Quentin, but spelled "Cwentun"

    Jemimah (as in syrup, or Puddle-Duck)

    Ryan - for a girl

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    Wow, there are some really bad ones! Esmeralda Jellybean has to be the worst though! I mean, Jellybean, really?

    I've heard of la-a, that's just bad.
    My DH told me of an Axel Elvis he heard of. We about died laughing. Not because of Axel, or Elvis, but the names together. And my hubby is a guns and roses fan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alecto View Post
    Quentin, but spelled "Cwentun"

    Jemimah (as in syrup, or Puddle-Duck)

    Ryan - for a girl
    I'd like the name Jemima if it was spelled without that final H.
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    I met a teenage girl camping once whose name was Sassafras, NN Sassy. When I asked her about it she kind of rolled her eyes and said her parents were hippies and all her siblings had weird names too. She had three younger siblings and one on the way: Satchel (b), Zephyr (b), and I think her little sister was Soleil. And the baby on the way was going to be Zion if a boy, I don't remember the girls' name they had picked out. I was like "Wow, how cool!", which it kind of was, but at the same time I would hate being named any of those names.

    I also met little girls at work, sisters, named Amythest (yes, spelled like that, mom "liked it better that way") and Patience. Brothers Tucker and Tyde, and another set of brothers named Sterling, Slade, and Stone. I met a pregnant woman named January who wanted to name her baby Sunday if it was a girl which is actually kind of cute... maybe too cute? A little girl named Fern Violet. Several Ryan(n)'s who were girls, etc. Most recently a little girl about three, adorable, named Anjett. She wrote her name for me and I said "Oh, is your name Angela?" and mom got all offended and said "NO, it's Anjett (pron. AHN-jet)." That was one of my "That's so interesting! Where did you come up with it?" moments.

    And, last ones I promise: Cuilynne, pronounced QUEE-lin (reminds me of a slang word for some uncomfortable bodily noises) and Zeiarrayyiah, pronounced Ser-EYE-uh. The spelling alone made my eyes bleed.
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