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    You named your baby THAT?

    You know you've heard it! Maybe you've said it! Those all too familiar words, "you named your baby THAT?" What is your story of times like these?
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    I once had a customer with a little girl named Beyonce.

    Another time I had a customer with the sweetest little girl. I had never heard her name though. One day another customer was asking what her name was, and I had thought she told him her name was Victoria, and I was thinking "oh thats so unusual nowadays." Then the dad says her name for her.... Imariana.... Have no idea on the spelling, but thats what it sounded like. I was like "wth is that?"
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    I know a sibling set that consists of

    Porscha & Bentley

    Porscha girl and Bentley boy!!

    She likes Cooper and Mercedes for her third...?

    Like wtf it's a bit of a 'car' overkill.

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    There's a guy on the University of Cincinnati's basketball team named Cashmere. I wouldn't like that for a girl, but for a boy?? I just don't get it.
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    I read a birth announcement for a little girl named Kezziah Josephine, called Kizzy Jo. I'm not a huge fan of Josephine, but I appreciate it as a name. But Kezziah? Not only is it completely made up with no history, it's masquerading as an ancient Hebrew name! I'm sorry, but that's too but for me. And Kizzy is just ridiculous in my opinion

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