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    Lightbulb A Sibling for Westyn & Lane: Inspire Me!

    Hi there! I just found out a couple of weeks ago that we're expecting our third baby and I'm already getting excited about naming him or her! However, I'm finding it harder this time around and could use some help. Our oldest child is a girl named Westyn June and our youngest is a boy named Lane Matthew. Our last name starts with a G and is a little clunky We like more country-inspired names and names that have geographical meaning (Westyn means 'of the west' and Lane is a 'narrow road'). But truly, I just need to be inspired
    Thanks for your thoughts!
    Mom to Westyn June & Lane Matthew... Baby #3 due in July!

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    I am confused. You say in your post that your children's names are Westyn June and Lane Matthew but your signature states that you have a James Hamilton and due in March.

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    Why not Beauregard and call him Beau?

    I also like Calhoun, as in cowboy actor Rory Calhoun.

    Dolly, Polly, Merry all sound pioneery to me.

    Oh, and Reuben feels like a lovely country name to me.

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