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    Last year, an aquaintance raised some eyebrows when she named her son Trystin. She didn't know "tryst" was a word.

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    I was at a park with my niece, Arabella and my boyfriend. My boyfriend was gone off pushing Bella on the swing, so I started a converstation with the girl next to me. She looked about 25 or 26, and had a stroller with a little tiny baby girl in it. I said "what a cute baby" and the mom replyed "thanks". I said "what is her name?" and the mom replyed: "Soleil November, (meaning Sun November)
    and that is my other little girl over there". She pointed to a blonde haired little girl over by the slide. She looked about 4. "her name is Oceana Zayla. I thought the names were crazy! I looked at her like she had something wrong with her!

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    @maddie17 - I think Soleil and Oceana are kind of cute actually, though I wouldn't go around telling every stranger I just met their middle names. I'm not crazy about Oceana but Soleil is very cute. I would use it with a more traditional middle name though.

    I actually haven't heard anything too out there. I know a real life Neveah which I hate -the name not the person. Most people I know love the name but I just could never bring myself to like it. I think it's trashy (honestly no offense to anyone who likes it - most of my best friends do too lol) and so tacky. Just my opinion. But, like I said, I don't know I've met anyone with too crazy of a name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allyfally View Post
    I've known several female Stevies. I actually kinda prefer it for a girl than a boy. XD
    I have a female freind whose name is Stevie. I persoanlly don't like it on a boy, though I'm not a big fan of it on a girl either...
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    I met a mom who had one daughter named McKenna. Okay, I thought... not my favorite name. Nevermind-- she was also cradling a brand new baby girl, so I eagerly asked what her new baby's name was, thinking she had, um, moved on from McKenna. Her answer "MacKenzie". OH.

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