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    I knew a girl named Pashion (Yes, Passion but spelled wrong) she was 14 when I met her and I still can't imagine her as an adult. She didn't seem bothered by it weirdly enough.
    The worst part was she had a little brother (about 4 years old) named Knowledge, but also spelled some weird way. I don't remember how they spelled it, I just know if wasn't the way you actually spell it.

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    A girl I know just named her daughter Madysin Rayne. I don't like Madison but I can tolerate the normal spelling. I also recently saw a birth announcement on facebook for an Iley.
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    I went to school with an Oscar Myre and Mercedes Benz (both first names, then last names). Oscar was actually the class clown so he did ok with the name but Mercedes was very shy and I felt badly for her. Oscar has now named his son Oscar Meyer too. I think he was Oscar Meyer IV or something. We also had a Dave Jones who got tired of people asking him, oh like Davey Jones from The Monkees? And we were in school waaay after they were popular.

    My dad was a teacher and his first principal was named Harry Butts. What were the parents thinking?? My dad also taught a kid named Dat Cow (Cow was spelled differently but pronounced Cow). The family were immigrants and the name was fine where they were from but didn't work so well here.
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