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    My MIL's name is Queenie (spelt K u i n i , the Maori word for "queen") and her first middle name is Elizabeth. Her name is literally Queen Elizabeth. Her mum really loved the Queen of England.
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    Saw a birth announcement in my area for a boy named Dallas-Aikman (forgot the middle). Someone's obviously an NFL fan.

    Also, at the school I work at, there are a lot of cringe-worthy names. One I've seen recently is...


    Why couldn't you have just named your child something like Eli, Elijah, or Elliot and used that as a nickname? I don't understand.

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    I feel really bad right now because I keep seeing Final Fantasy (Serrah, Cloud, Vanille) and Kingdom Hearts names (Roxas)
    Crap. I liked Roxas so much.
    I'm a thirteen year old writer with a name obsession.



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    Sisters called Barbie and Aqua.
    A girl called Charley (pronounced 'shar-ley').
    Lovelei (pr. Lovely) - at 8 she already hates her name.

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    Ricklynn for the daughter of a Rick.
    Miami is one of my daughter's friends. I'm not personally big on location names.
    Yoshi on a blonde little boy. This has actually grown on me a little, but still very Mario related.

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