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    The latest two: Brayden and Brayleigh. Sigh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    I don't know if this is awesome, if I want to laugh or if I want to cry. But way to commit to an idea and a theme.
    I wonder what they'd name a daughter?
    That's how I first reacted. His parents call him King but if I were him I would prefer Max. As to a daughter I have no idea. Queen, Queenie, Princess? And what do you name a second son, Prince?

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    I know a girl called crystal white, which I only realised the connection when I saw diamon white on American idol.
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    I've had that reaction to my son's name actually. His name is Drake, which isn't a big deal where we live. However, I'm half Swedish and grew up there and Drake is the exact word for "dragon". So yeah, I've gotten quite a few comments from my Swedish friends and family.

    Some WHAT moments of my own:
    Emlyn Elias (my niece...yes, NIECE)
    Chuckey (boy)
    Ameldra (girl)
    Alexis Victoria
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    A friend named his son Bear. I think it's a little bit awesome, a little bit too much. (Especially because he wasn't given a middle to go by instead.)

    A cousin named her daughter Katelyn....and I admit, I thought, you named her WHAT? Such a waste, because Katelyn is so boring in my opinion.

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