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    I went to school with sisters named Danetta and Janetta. On the bus, they told stoires about how they'd answer the phone and say "do you want Duh or Jah?" I also went to school with a girl named Precious Jewel (Fn mn).

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    Nacho is a nickname for ignacio.
    Baby Hernández is due Nov. 22!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcdonak1 View Post
    I've gotten that when introducing my Beatrix. One woman at my work spent a lot of time trying to figure out why I would name my daughter that without directly asking me. "So... is that a family name? A friend name? Did you... meet someone once with that name...?" Of course, this was the same woman who asked me a ton of questions about when I had my daughter, my due date, and when I found out that I was pregnant, because she doesn't think that Bea's father is actualy her father and has told other coworkers that. She's a lovely woman.
    I love Beatrix, it's near the top of my favorites list for girls! What a weird lady at your work!


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    Recently came across a birth announcement for Boston Beckham! Separate I don't mind either name as a middle name (I might enjoy Beckham a little more if it didn't have the obvious celebrity tie) but together they are a bit much IMO. Also, just today I saw an announcement for Bentlee Aron - a girl. Yuck, no offense to anyone who likes it, obviously the girl's family - but Bentley on a girl to me is a bit much, let alone a grossly misspelled version of it.

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    Recently, an old high school classmate of mine friended me on Facebook. I saw that she has 3 children: Ja'Don, Jere'Mihia, and Jadi'Kyss. I could MAYBE get over the names themselves if it wasn't for the misplaced (and completely unnecessary) apostrophe. Seriously? What was she thinking?!

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