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    Right now, that's my reaction whenever I meet a person named Hannah or Emily, or any other super-common name. Why, with the amazing amount of names available, would you name a child THAT? I have three Hannahs, two Annas, and two Emilys in one class. Poor dears!
    Although I do have respect for classics, I agree with you 100%. People worry so much about their kids being teased. I guess this post is the reason why. I've had three kids at the playground tell my son Pilot that he had a "cool name". Only thing I've ever heard negative on the playground was a parent say to their child after being introduced to Pilot, "That's a weird name." A parent!
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    I know too many...and i have an unique name, but i'm honest i'm like really or how did you come up with that name? I have heard Jae-Breonne Alexus, Halo, Honesty, Natalie Chevelle, Hartley RaeAnne, and a lot more. I was a hostess and server. Some are unusual or some are just plan weird.
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    Ozdust, I know of Nacho to be a nickname for Ignacio, but have never heard it as an actual name...

    The worst I've heard in real life: Plezher (boy, pronounced Pleasure), King (a young boy), LaMiracle (girl), Revolution (boy), Sassy (on a grown woman)

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    My husband's cousin is actually named Sassy! She's in her mid twenties and none of us actually like her. Her name definitely suits her.
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    A girl I went to school with has named her daughter Beige Diamond. Shocking.

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