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    Brothers name Raymalo and Romalo. Why not just name them the same thing?

    A little girl in my son's school named Rogue. Like the X Men character. I did a double take the first time I walked past her cubby.
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    Wow... I know twins who are Harmony and Melody also.... Who would of thought there would be two lots int he world!!

    I am a teacher and have on a few occations had to hold in my laughter as I have read out names.....

    Isamoon Blue (girl) I dont know... Is the moon blue?? my gosh

    Nora (which I really love) but her surname was Bone... Yep Nora Bone

    Crystal (a boy!) even at the age of 7 he asked to be called Chris

    Sultana - Yuck![/QUOTE]
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    Quote Originally Posted by brisen View Post
    I've had a few moments like that with my kids. When I had three, I was out at a mall, waiting around for a while before going out to catch a bus. An older woman came by and started chatting with me, asking me about the kids and their names. She had a response for each one. Darwin: "Oh, well, I think he was a good man at heart, it's too bad he wrote all of that about evolution." Solomon: "Oh, well, I think he was a good man, even though he was so wicked at the end." Miriam: "Oh, well, I think she was a good woman, even though she was wicked at the end and punished with leprosy." She was very sweet about it, it didn't at all come across as being critical of the names, but it was kind of odd.

    When Darwin was about 7, we stopped getting "Ooh, he'll be a scientist!" whenever we introduced him. People often talk about Solomon meaning wise, but I'm pretty sure it originally meant "peace." Maybe it has a wise connotation now, but that's not really the meaning of it. People often hear "Marian" or "Mary Ann" when I introduce Miriam. And Rasmus, I usually have to repeat it a few times and say it's like Erasmus, but without the E. People often end up saying "Oh, Rasmin?" and I just let it go, lol. Anders has had the least confusion and fewest comments/questions.

    When I told my mom what we were naming Rasmus, she didn't hide how little she liked it, and she said she would call him RJ instead. Which is not a name that appeals to me at all. She hasn't followed through, luckily. She also wasn't crazy about the combo Solomon Gregory; her first reaction was to compare it to Solomon Grundy, which I guess is a bad guy from Superman, but I hadn't heard of him before.
    I think people associate Solomon with wisdom because in the Bible he asked God for that gift above all others and was known as the wise ruler.

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    I once tutored a little boy named Quandary (pronounced Quan-dray). Yes, his parents named him "problem."

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    Quote Originally Posted by peakaboo View Post
    Wow some of these names are nuts!
    I went to a high school reunion a couple of months ago and one of my former classmates brought her children along.

    Breeze Harmony, Rainbow Skye and Willow Zedekiah, yes Willow is a boy!

    I politely asked where the names came from and their mom replied, "their father wanted them to be something in the world, their names set them up for stardom!" I had to contain myself from cracking up right in front of her. Well with those names they sure will be something, the laughing stock of the classroom!
    Sorry if I offend anyone, I just wasn't a fan!
    love Willow for a boy
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