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    I don't see anything wrong with pageants, but a good compromise between the two of you would to do natural only pageants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dantea View Post
    I agree with poptart. I think parading a little girl around while she shows off to a crowd of people is disgusting. She has to act like a little adult and wear make up and that just not right. They aren't dolls to be dressed up and parade around to be judged on their looks. All it does is send a message to all those little girls that the only way to be good enough is to be the prettiest one. Besides, even if you weren't that type of mom, all the other moms are still there being vicious to their little girls. What if the wrong type of person is there in the crowd? There have been plenty of pageant children who have been kidnapped by pedophiles.

    I wouldn't ever do that. If my daughter wanted to be in a pageant when she was older, like a teenager, I might let her, but not as a young child.
    I 100 percent agree with this. That's not a message I ever wanna give to my kids that it is okay to be judged on your looks, that being pretty has any kind of importance or defines them. I can't even watch it, it disgusts me to see kids who grow up thinking it's important to be pretty. Just so wrong.

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    I absolutely wouldn't put her in pageants. I've got one of those super cute daughters too (3 years old) and I am trying to make sure she is kind and polite and values herself for being a good helper and a good friend, and she will definitely play a sport eventually. Like everyone else has said, overemphasizing the importance of a girl's looks doesn't do her any favours. Some of the best girls I've known were really pretty girls who had no idea they were. They were too busy being great students and athletes and friends. I feel like that sets a girl up best for success and happiness in life.

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    The above comments sum it all up perfectly.

    And take it from someone who came second in a pageant (they didn't call it that, but that's what it was) when they were nine: it's competitive, it's horrible and it's uncomfortable watching the girl who came in third place throw a tantrum. Furthermore, these days I find it's a shallow message. Girls as young as Aela should not be taught to believe their value is in the way they look - because it isn't! I'm sure she has more qualities than beauty.

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    If all your daughters have done natural modeling and pageants in the past.... why are you just now questioning if it's the right thing to do? Also, why hasn't your husband minded in the past if he's so against it now?
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