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    Jealous Siblings

    My husband and I adopted our 10th child, a newborn baby girl, in February and all my children were thrilled. we thought that our 3 year old, Aela, would be jealous because she was the youngest, but she LOVES baby Nolle and loves being a big sister ( usually). Oddly, our 7 year old, Lincoln has had the hardest time adjusting to new little Nolle and we have found that he is been doing things to the poor baby out of anger. He has hit her and scratched her a few times. He takes her things and is just not fond of her at all. Lincoln is our most gentle, quiet, calm and loving one, and this is SO out of character for him. he acted fine when his other younger siblings came and my husband and i cannot figure out what has sparked this sudden change in his personality. please help me! I'm so confused at what could be going on with my son!
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    Why don't you talk to him? -- find out his feelings -- set expectations/rules regarding the baby and in general for how to live and love your family
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