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    Spend time with me mommy

    My little daughter Mykaela ( we call her Aela) is 3 years old and the typical spoiled little sweetheart. she loves to cuddle and to give and receive kisses and is Mommy's little girl, never leaving my hip of side. we recently adopted a newborn baby in February, totaling out child count at 10. Lately, with a brand new baby, it has been hard for me to give all my children as much attention as they deserve, but they all understand that a new baby takes up Mommy and Daddy's time, but that doesn't change the fact that we wish we could spend more time with them. Aela, though, doesn't understand this. She is constantly crying and holding on to my legs screaming on the top of her lungs "Spend time with me Mommy!" it breaks my heart every time she does this and i feel guilt eating me away because i cannot spend more than an hour or so with little Aela. My husband and I don't know what to do with Aela's tantrums because we feel that they are our fault and that she shouldn't be punished for wanting more attention that she needs. I need ideas on how to handle Aela's outbursts, my guilt and how to find creative and simple ways that i can show my children that i love them the same as i did before baby Nolle joined us. but mostly i need ideas on ways that i can squeeze in extra time with my darling Aela.

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