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    Twins! Opinions!

    Hey all! I'm expecting twins - a boy and a girl. I have the boy's name picked out (Sawyer Lane) but I am stuck on baby girl's name. I have 3 names picked out, but I'm not sure which I like best. Help!

    - Charlotte (Lottie) Emmaline
    - Sophia Mae
    - Lyla McKenzie

    (Please keep in mind that "traditional" or "similar" twin names aren't important to me, neither is name-popularity. Thank you!!!!)

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    Sophia Mae is really cute! I think it might be adorable with Sawyer Lane. Charlotte Emmaline is nice, too.

    Good luck!

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    I absolutely love the name Sophia, but I'm not sure about it with a same-initialed twin. It's a great name, but I think I'd go with Charlotte. Charlotte Emmaline is stunning and classic, a great sister for Sawyer. But Sophia is definitely a close second.

    I don't care for Lyla McKenzie. McKenzie is a very trendy patronymic surname (it means "Son of" someone, in this case, Kenzie) and quite dated to me already. Lyla there's really no reason behind, but I just don't like it. I tend to not like the long I sound for girls- I'm not a huge fan of Kyla, Myla, or Skyla either.

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    Sawyer and Sophia make an adorable combo!
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    I think Sophia Mae is my favorite. The others are ok, just not my style. Good luck and congratulations! :-)

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