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    Quote Originally Posted by moonbeampie View Post
    Emily, Hannah, Charlotte, Eleanor (only in nameberry does the nickname 'Nora' seem to happen. They are all Ellie's in reality:/ ) Sophie,Chloe, Lucy, Georgia (though I adore Georgiana!)
    Perhaps this is just the age I am, but every second girl in my class seems to be named one of these (aged 15/16, England).
    ABSOLUTELY! I know so many Georgias. And Harriets, all nn Hattie. Too many of 'em! And a lot of Ellies - I know Elenas, Eleanores, Eleonoras, Ellas and Ellens that all go by Ellie.

    On babies and toddlers, I'm sick of hearing Olivia. Olivia Overload in this world. If I met a Livia, an Alivia or an Elivia, I might feel better (unless Elivia went by Ellie! AUGH!)

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    IRL: Madison, Addison, Hayley, Mason, Sebastian, and names-that-rhyme-with-Aidan.
    Online: Primrose, Isla, Persephone, Lilith, Boheme, Ace, Jasper, Jack, & Gray/Grayson/Graydon. Oh, and Katniss.

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    Nevaeh and all the other god awful made up crap

    Sophia, Olivia, Jade, Charlotte, Isabella, Arianna, Mackenzie and all variants, Maddison, Alexa, Aidan and all variants, Lily, Nora, Eleanor, Penelope, and NN's like people suggesting Callie for Calliope when I want to use Calliope and call my child Calliope.
    Mommy of Juniper Teagan & Pyrus Nikolai

    Expecting a little Catkin or
    Fox June 2016

    Pennyroyal, Nettle, Dandelion, Kitsune, Snapdragon, Henley, Perdita, Roisin, Honeysuckle, Fianna, Henbit, Chihiro, Rhoswen, Zerlin, Anonna, Araluen, Celandine, Madelief, Fionnuala, Fflur, Amabel, Olwen, Galatea

    Huckleberry, Senna, Bramble, Thistle, Aryeh, Wolf, Sol, Guthrie, Thackeray, Atticus, Angus, Cormac, Jules, Bear, Yancey, Itsuki, Larkspur, Blue, Robin, Ewan, Cornelius, Clove, Phelan

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    I'm tired of all of the names mentioned by others; top of my ugh list are Sophie/Sophia, Ellie and all the flower names, especially Lily and Violet. Add to them any girls' names that end in "son" (Madison, Allison, Addison, etc.) Why would you name a baby girl a name that means "son of?" I am also bored with all the variations of Sean for both boys and girls, and Aidan, and those made up last names that are really occupations, like Hunter, Taylor, Archer, Carter, Miller, Parker, Cooper, etc.

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    Well my name is Chloe and I only know of 3 others around my age, and none of them even went to the same high school as me. But I can't stand Sharon, Suzanne, Deborah, Britney, Tiffany, Ashley, Katelyn, Bethany, Becca, Gabrielle, Ethan, Billy, Blaine, Kyle, Derek, Phillip, Nathan, to name a few.

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