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    Aww, I do like that tee! Cute cute!<3

    But oh, that could work! A pic of me and my bf with an ultrasound pic... I like that as well! Oh my! I was thinking about the Scratchies idea and maybe I could get a pic of that... and turn it into a puzzle? I know a store nearby that does that for a reasonable price... so everyone can put the puzzle together and see it

    Thank you all SOOO much for all of these replies!!! They have honestly helped a lot!!

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    With my first, our family's knew that we were going for it (IVF) our friends did not. We waited until we were sure, in fact I had almost started showing and we went to a family picnic. For my family we had bring some food, so we brought all baby foods (baby corn and baby spinach salad) and then on the underside of the bowl, we wrote the person that brought this dish is pregnant.

    With baby number 2 we decided to let our daughter announce it. We put her in a shirt that we made that said "my mom went to the ob/gyn and got an ultrsound. All I got was this t-shirt."
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    Aww, how sweet! Bunches of "baby" foods :') I do cook dinner for the family fairly often, so maybe I could do that and see if anyone catches on!

    Ahaha, thats such a cute tee idea! I love it! I almost wish I already had a child to do all these cute things with! Maybe in the future for my second hehe! <3

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