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    Ohh, thanks for these idea's!! I love the scratchies idea, because everyone in my family knows I am very fond of scratchies They were the first thing I bought when I turned eighteen hahaha! <3

    Ahh! I read somewhere about this family that was taking a picture of their family, and instead of telling them to say cheese, they said "Say ___ is pregnant!" so when they snapped the picture they had all of the families first reactions all on film! But I wouldn't want to do that to my poor dad. Maybe I can do that to my friends or something... <3

    But ohh!! I really like that! <3 A tee with a pic of the little baby!! I bet my mother would love that!

    Aw! I love tiny overalls... I could even do that too<3

    Thank you very much girls!! I'm loving these idea's!

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    You could always put one of those 'baby on board' stick ups on your mom or dad's car when you get in...than they'll ask you what you're doing ect ect. The envelope with the pea idea is cute. I announced the gender of my baby by telling my family I would be coming to dinner with my nails done either pink or blue...very glad I didn't have to find blue nail polish! I showed up in elbow length gloves to drag it out even more! but pregnancy I just announced by screaming, 'I'm pregnant!!"

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    Aww, a baby on board in their cars would be cute! Oh my word, if I put one in my mothers van without her noticing it would be the best... she would takes ages to find it and once she did she'd be like "whaaat??" :') When I was a child my dad removed this tree we had in our front yard and my mother didn't notice it for days until we told her! So that could be a good laugh

    And aww, thats such a fun way to announce the gender!!! I saw a cute picture with a box that had a heart and said "Its a...." and then the man and woman were opening the box and pink balloons were coming out for their little girl! Thats still a while from now for me lol, but I think the painting nails would be more plausible for me You care if I steal that?? <3

    Hehe, I would go around screaming "I'm pregnant!!!" but I'm trying to hold it in If anything, I want to wait until the first trimester is over<3 Not to be a downer, but since I knew this girl who had a miscarriage in the first trimester after telling everyone and getting so excited [and after hearing its more common to happen during this time], I'm honestly terrified of getting everyone worked up and then being so heart broken </3

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    When my sister was pregnant with her first, I got her some maternity clothes for her birthday. One of what i got her was this t-shirt:
    Maybe you could get it and wear it to announce your pregnancy.

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    At my pediatrician's office, there's a cute Christmas card/birth announcement that has a photo of the family's three older children sitting in a row with a fourth chair holding an ultrasound picture on the end. I thought it was adorable! Obviously, you'd have to modify it, of course, since it's your first...maybe pass around a photo of you and your boyfriend with a chair between you holding an ultrasound pic or a pregnancy test?

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