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  • Evangeline Roxana Skye

    11 32.35%
  • Roxana Jinx Evangeline

    3 8.82%
  • Helena (prn Huh-LAY-nuh) Roxana Evangeline

    6 17.65%
  • Georgiana (prn Jor-JAY-nuh) Roxana Evangeline

    14 41.18%
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    Please pick your favorite

    I'm still tinkering around trying to get this baby named. Please vote for your favorite of the four.
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    Evangeline Roxana Skye - I just can never get too into Evangeline, sorry.

    Roxana Jinx Evangeline - I LOVE Roxana, and Jinx breaks up the rhythm. Were you the one posting about wanting to use Jinx? I think it's safe in the middle, and cool, and I like how the x's tie together.

    Helena Roxana Evangeline - LOVE Helena too, this is a second pick, it just feels like too much name. Also not sure about using Helena twice? Not awful but with a great name like Roxana on the table, might as well go with Roxana.

    Georgiana Roxana Evangeline - Georgiana's pretty, don't love it like Roxana or Helena and the name is very long.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks! I am the one who posted about Jinx before. Using Helena twice isn't really a problem because the older child is fine with it and she was adopted out early on and her name was changed by her parents to Kellie Allison. So I named her Kellie Alicen Helena, but it's not her legal name. It does still feel a little odd to me to reuse, but it is a family name that I used to honor my grandmother (as is Roxana) and my current husband had a grandmother named Helen, so I'm still throwing Helen/Helena around in my head.

    Georgiana would be for my favorite granduncle George. Evangeline is from a beautiful poem with strong Acadian connections, which would tie well with my daughter Rejeanne and my father's family generally.

    I guess Skye and Jinx are the only really frivolous ones up there!
    ~*~ Mom to Kellie Alicen Helena, Crimson Alexandria Eleanor, Cassandra Rejeanne Elia, Cyrus Evander Leif, and Starling Roxana Skye ~*~

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    I love the rhythms of Evangeline Roxana Skye and Roxana Jinx Evangeline--really cool options! Both Helena Roxana Evangeline and Georgiana Roxana Evangeline are way too long IMO, and I personally dislike the sound of the double -ana endings (esp when followed by the "an" in the third name).

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    Georgiana Roxana Evangeline is just gorgeous!
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