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    Just had my wedding-had my neice, and two nephews in bridal party but they left during nibbles-no kids at the party/dinner! I wanted to let the parents let their hair down!
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    I personally don't have a problem with children at weddings, but I suppose its a very personal decision! I know if I was having a very large wedding and there was lots of alcohol [which isn't my personal style of wedding, but is to a lot of people], I wouldn't have children there. But if it was a smaller get together it wouldn't hurt anything. Also, not bringing young children could be easier, I'd think. As they tend to want to run around and talk loud.. so if the distraction would upset you I wouldn't recommend it. Maybe even ask some teenagers to volunteer to watch the younger children in a seperate room while the wedding is going through! I also think it all depends on the child. Some children are very well behaved, and will sit through the ceremony and reception quietly, while others are off the wall and scream and have fits. So as the mother, I'd look at the child and decide if they are a good idea to bring along

    I'm not a mom yet, but from my point of view, I'd understand! Because the bride is probably being cautious of ill behaved children maybe. And it really isn't too big of a deal to hire a babysitter for the night! But if she is worried, I'd stick to maybe my above offer? Maybe there are a few young woman who wouldn't mind babysitting in another room?

    Though, a small wedding with just close family and then a big celebration/BBQ is a nice idea as well! And it could easily include the kiddos

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    The only person I've known to have a wedding and reception on different days was my uncle. For his second marriage he and his new wife had just close family for a very small civil ceremony in April, then invited their extended families to a bbq at their home that summer to celebrate. The only kids at the ceremony were their own, but all were welcome later, (of course it was very laid back and at their home so it didn't matter if kids were running around).

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    I'm sorry but I really hate kids, esp babies, at wedding! We allowed them only at the wedding not reception and the only one that was there (of 150 guests) still screamed during the ceremony. At my friend's gorgeous ceremony one mom didn't want to miss the vows and prayers and would not leave even though her young child was very loud and distracting for the whole dang thing. Trust me it is not common sence for many parents to sit on the aisles for quick exits; they just stay there loudly shushing the screamer. Kids hog the dance floor and you have to be really guarded so that you don't smash them. I hate when the parents have to leave early because the kids are fussy! I'm paying for the DJ and booze til midnight so please don't cut out at 9! They were not invited to the reception since it was about $90 per plate and we all know how kids eat. Haha I know I sound like a B-word but we provided free childcare for our guests in the same hotel we had our group rate & afterparties at (with free transport and pizza for kiddos) just so the parent could let loose and really have a good time!

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