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    A friend of mine hired a babysitter for her wedding. All the kids sat at one table and they provided some coloring and small activities for them. The kids were supervised and entertained but never far from their parents, (though there were only like 6 of them).

    I've also been to weddings where kids are running wild and tearing up the decorations and stealing the guest favors (very annoying). I guess it would depend on whether your friend knows the temperament of the kids she might invite and if she wants them there.

    If I got an invite that requested no kids, I'd find a sitter and enjoy the night with my husband, but I guess some people could take offense.
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    That was actually way more helpful than I even expected it to be. Thank you so much! It's nice hearing it from a mom's point of view and not a bride's. Has anyone done the ceremony and reception separate days?
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    I love kids so I'm going to give everyone the option of bringing their children. A lot of them will be under 5 so I doubt they're even going to need a meal, so cost isn't an issue (though if they want a kid's meal, that's fine. I'm thinking of the 1-3 year olds that will probably just eat off mom and dad's plates). Our best man and one of the bridesmaids (who are getting married about 2 months after us!) have 2 kids and we've already sorta discussed having someone else come to help watch their kids. I'm thinking about inviting one of her friends (who I've hung out with a few times but not good enough friends that I'd invite her otherwise) to watch her kids so they can stay all night and have a good time without worrying too much about the kids. I probably won't do this for everyone, but since these kids will most likely be in the wedding party, it's not like they can just leave the kids with a babysitter for the day/night.

    For myself, I think it would depend on the wedding. I'd probably bring my own kids (I don't have any yet) to like a family wedding I didn't plan on staying at long. But to a friend or close family member's wedding where I was maybe in the wedding party or want to drink at the reception, I'd probably leave the kids with a babysitter (or if someone offers to watch them AT the wedding, that works too). I think I'd appreciate the option of bringing my kids, so I could make my own decision on the matter. But I wouldn't be totally offended if I couldn't bring my kids unless there were a lot of other kids going.

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    I just remembered at my daughter's wedding the two children in the bridal party (the only two children at all) went home after the wedding photos to stay with their grandmother and I think it is a good idea for a night wedding as the children get tired about 7pm.
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    There are so many ways to handle this. bottom line is that the bride and groom should decide on the tone they want to set and the experience they want at their wedding and go from there. I will say this - if family are traving in from a distance for the wedding and have children and children are not invited to the wedding, then arrange/provide reputable suggestions for child care.

    As a mom, I do not expect my children to be included in the invitations we receive to weddings, but I am delighted when they are.

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