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    My favorite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird, so of course my suggestions come from that!! I love the name Atticus - I love the sound of the name, and I love what his character stands for as well. Another option could be Jem (full name Jeremy). I would absolutely use this nn for my future son, but my sister's name is Jennifer, nn Jen and I just feel like it would be too similar.
    Girls: Filomena, Silvia, Clara
    Boys: Atticus, Leo, Wyatt

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    thank you guys! Keep them coming!!

    really loving Rilian & Digory, totally forgot about them!!! & Percival, Aslan!! Gotta clear them with my Hubby so keep them coming!

    our list so far is : Edmund & Henry.. haha.

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    How about Peregrine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by laurbails View Post
    How about Peregrine?
    thanks! but I can't pronounce it hahaa!

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    I like the name Arthur after King Arthur and Hywel you can find the meaning of the name - Welsh boys names. I also like the name Ralph, I think it will come back into fashion.

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