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Thread: Lavender?

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    Help! I can't even get started on picking a name for baby #2. Due in Aug so I have time and we'll find out in just a few weeks if it is a boy or a girl.

    I like Violet but feel it may be getting too popular. What do you all think of Lavender? It is the only girl name that is sticking even a little bit.

    Just FYI, we have a boy named Connor and we are all redheads. It is pretty likely baby #2 will have red hair. Would love a name that is suitable for a redhead.

    If Lavender is not a big favorite, I am SO open to other suggestions! Thanks!!!

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    I don't like Lavender. To me it sounds like a stripper. If I ever had a chance of having a red headed little girl I would name it Rowan. It means little Red head.
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    Flannery-means red head

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    I quite like Lavender. Unlike the pp, it doesn't read stripper to me, at all. Another that has a similar feel and rhythm is Juniper.
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    I like but don't love the name Lavender but if you like flower names one that is not commonly used is Magnolia maybe with the nn Nollie.
    Otherwise as far as names with a reference to red there's always Rose which is rather plain but Rosalie dresses it up nicely or maybe Ruby, Coral or one that is a bit more unusual, Garnet.

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    I LOVE Lavender. The sweet little girl from Mathilda was named Lavender. Such a cutiepie. I really like Lavender Rose but my husband thinks it sounds like a name for creme or soap. I guess he is right as my handcreme is labeled Lavender - Rose. Oh well. Still love it though! And it would work lovely for a redhead!

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