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    Your name is Lily Claire Montgomery and you are thirteen years old. The summer before you are due to start seventh grade, your family consisting of you, your mom, Kathryn Elise, your dad, Roger Ethan, and your nine-year-old little brother, Alan Nicholas, spend a few weeks with your aunt, Lillian Kate, and her family in Dalton, Massachusetts. You spend a lot of time with your sixteen-year-old male cousin, Thomas Ian "Tom", and fifteen-year-old female cousin Paige Isabelle, who introduce you to some of their friends. One of them is a cute, shy, and quiet fifteen-year-old boy named Henry Connor Harris.

    For the next month and a half, you spend a lot of time with Henry. He makes you laugh, he listens to you when you talk, and he's way more mature than any of the other fifteen-year-old boys--or any other boy--you've ever known. When it's time for your family to head back home to Boston, you're not very happy about it. The day before your family leaves, you go to Henry's house to say goodbye. You and him talk for several long, heartfelt moments. Then, without thinking, you kiss him right on the lips--and run away! Henry is left standing in the middle of his driveway, dumbfounded and blushing.

    Ever since you returned home, all you could think about was Henry and what he thought of you. He calls you almost weekly and the calls last over an hour, sometimes two. When the holidays roll around, you expect that you'll be seeing him again at Christmas, when you go visit your Aunt Lillian again. But a week before Thanksgiving, your mom and your aunt get into a huge fight and they don't talk to each other...for three years.

    Three years later, you are now sixteen and in high school. You haven't spoken to Henry since the fight between your mom and your aunt, as you two gradually fell out of touch as the months went on and you started hanging out with your friends and met other boys. Your aunt and your cousins send you birthday cards and Christmas cards, but you haven't seen them in three years. Lately, you find yourself thinking about them a lot, especially Henry and memories from the summer when you met.

    Two weeks after school is let out for the summer break, you come home at around six-thirty in the evening from your new summer job. Your parents were both at work and your brother had just started sleep-away camp. Your mom had text you, saying that they'll be bringing home take-out after picking your brother up for the weekend. You change out of your work clothes, slump down on the couch, turn on the TV, and doze off.

    You wake up to the obnoxious sound of the doorbell and a loud, urgent banging on the front door. Groggy, you stumble to the front door, muttering about impatient people. But when you open the door, you are looking into the faces of two police officers, both are looking serious and sad. They ask you if you are Lily Claire Montgomery and you say yes. That's when it hits you: it's eight forty-five and your parents still aren't home. You ask the cops what is going on. They tell you your parents and brother had been side-swiped in a hit-and-run accident and their car was thrown off the road. All three of them died instantly. You scream and crash to the floor on your knees, crying hysterically.

    Because you are still sixteen and legally still a minor, you can't stay in the house by yourself. A friend's mom comes to your rescue and lets you spend the night at her house rather than in a foster home. You call your Aunt Lillian in Dalton and you tell her what happened. She starts crying pretty hard, but she says she will be in Boston tomorrow and try to work out your new living arrangements. About two hours after you get off the phone with your aunt, your cellphone rings again and it's a number you don't recognize right away. You answer it and a deep, familiar-sounding, sexy, masculine voice talks into your ear. It's Henry! He got your number through your aunt. He wanted to know if you were OK when he heard about what happened to your family. You start crying again. You had no idea of how much you really missed him until that very moment. For the rest of the night, into the wee hours of the morning, you're on the phone with Henry.

    Two months, after your parents' and brother's funerals and a whirlwind of family court hearings, you pack your bags, say goodbye to your home and friends in Boston, and move back to Dalton with your aunt. While your aunt, uncle, and cousins make you feel welcome and give you a huge new bedroom for you to decorate along with your own private bathroom, they treat you like a glass slipper, like you will break at any moment. Then again, you can't really blame them. The only person who treats you normally, like you've been living in Dalton your whole life, is, of course, Henry. You have rekindled your friendship with him and he helps you get around town and in your new high school, where you are a sophomore and he's a senior. Eventually, you become more outgoing, making your own friends, but the person you are almost always with is Henry. It's gotten to a point where people are mistakenly thinking you and him are boyfriend and girlfriend.

    As the years go by, Henry is one of the most constant people in your life. When he graduates, you talk to him three times a week and he makes it a point to come see you if he's home for the weekend or on break. After you graduate from high school, you are accepted into your dream college, University of Massachusetts Amherst--which also happens to be the school Henry, now a junior in college, is attending--and you are studying law. You want to be a criminal lawyer.

    Three years later, when you yourself are a twenty-one-year-old junior in college, you, along with your roommate/best friend, Natalie Ellen Carson "Nat", spend two semesters and the first month of summer doing an internship in San Francisco. When you return home, Henry and your friend's boyfriend pick you and your friend up from the airport. During the ride back to your aunt's house in Dalton, Henry is very quiet, yet kind of clinging to you and it's awkward. To your surprise, your aunt is throwing you and your best friend a welcome home party with all your friends. Caught up in the celebration, you lose track of Henry. Eventually, you find him alone in the patio, staring out into the darkness of the backyard as the sun slowly sets.

    You ask him if anything is wrong. He hesitates for a moment, then looks you directly in the eyes and says that he missed you while you were gone. He says he hasn't missed anyone that much, not since he was fifteen, when you left after that summer so many years ago and never came back. He says that it wasn't until you were gone did he realize there was something he had wanted to do since he was fifteen. And he kisses you right on the lips! This time, no one runs away.

    Two and a half years go by. You and several of your friends since high school and/or college-- Nat, Cailey, Jane, Luna, and James--are all living in a rented house in Springfield, Massachusetts. You are working as a defence lawyer, in a steady relationship with Henry, and couldn't be happier. Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, on Christmas Eve, you are having a private evening with your boyfriend at his house in Amherst, Massachusetts and he proposes! You go crazy for the next seven months, planning a gorgeous summer wedding, which takes place in early July, on the anniversary of the day the two of you met at age thirteen and fifteen and when you first kissed.

    A year and a half after your wedding, you and DH welcome your first child. It's a girl! She was born September 7th. Your first born grows up to be an intelligent, responsible, levelheaded, and good-natured individual. In school, they have lots of friends and are involved in extra-curricular activities, such as school clubs and volunteering in the community of Amherst. She has light brown, curly hair and hazel eyes. Her name is Lucy Alice Montgomery-Harris

    4 years after Lucy is born, you have your second child on the 22nd of April. This child is a girl! She is very outgoing and loves to make people laugh. They are very creative and have a dazzling imagination. This child's favorite subjects are recess and lunch time, but she is an overall good student. She has straight, dark brown hair and green eyes. Her name is Charlotte Luna Montgomery-Harris "Charlie".

    1 year after Charlie is born, your family welcomes your third child, a boy! She was born on March) 17th. This child is very shy but has a very sweet and caring disposition. He is very sensitive and eager to please everyone. They are also a good helper around the house as well as a mama's boy. He has straight, brown hair and brown eyes. His name is Finn Henry Montgomery-Harris.

    6 years after Finn was born, you and DH thought you were done having children--until you discover you are pregnant with your fourth child! This child is a girl and he/she was born on the 17th of July. She grows up to be a little bit of a troublemaker, but never with any intent of malice. They use all of their energy in sports, where they are very talented, and is adventurous with a bit of a wild streak. This child's name is Natalie Marie Montgomery-Harris "Nat".

    List your family here: Lily and Henry have Lucy, Charlie, Finn and Nat

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