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    Wilder and River are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Well done!
    Wilder Finn is really nice, and I also like Wilder Atticus. Atticus means "Father-like", which is adorable since daddy has fallen in love with his name so much.
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    My husband and I decided originally on Wilde before we were pregnant and after some thought have settled on Wilder should this little Pumpkin turn out to be a boy (we are due in 5 weeks!). We are going with David for a middle name after my father but I think a traditional middle name would definitely help bring out the poetic side of the name Wilder. We are also very outdoorsy people and a name from nature was part of our criteria too. Wilder David it is!

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    We named our son Wilder after first considering Wilde. His middle name is Davis, a common derivative of David, "son of David" (my husband's name).

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