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    Smile I need your help! Middles for Wilder.

    I need your help!!!

    Months and months ago I suggested the name Wilder to DH. Not exactly in love with the name myself, I've spent countless hours searching for something I like better. And nothing. It's stuck for DH though so I guess we're going with it (baby will be arriving in 10 days). Problem now is that I can't come up with suitable, meaningful, middle names. And DH isn't being any help at all except to suggest ridiculous things like Wilder Ichabod, or Wilder Pickaralious, or Wilder Sniggedybucket. So yah, not a lot of help from him. ;)

    I like nature names (our first sons name is River) and would like to balance out the hard I in Wilder with something softer, rounder, though neither is a sticky criteria for suggestions. It would also be nice to give him a less unconventional name that he could choose to use if Wilder isn't suitable for whatever reason.

    Some names I like and have thrown around as middles are:

    One or two middle names is ok (River has 2). Our last name is 3 syllables ending in "son".

    Please help!!! Time is running out to name this babe and it's kind of stressing me out!

    Bonus points if your name suggestion means "ocean" or "sea" or is water related, or means "sun" or "light". :)

    Thanks for your time and energy!

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    Wilder Jackson is the first thing that came to mind when I read Wilder. Then I read that your last name ended in son so I guess that's a no-go. I think River and Milo, Rocco, Rowan would be cute. I like Reese, Finn, and Sullivan.

    Wilder August
    Wilder Liam
    Wilder Zane

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    Wilder Dane (brook, light, or from Denmark)
    Wilder Orrin (river)
    Wilder Locke (forest)
    Wilder Kade (wetlands)
    Wilder Merrick (ruler of the sea)
    Wilder Dax (water)
    I also like Wilder Kai and Wilder Finn from your list. Don't know if any of these are your style. They are ones I wrote down a long time ago because I liked the meanings. Good luck!

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    I like Reese and Sullivan with Wilder. Not a fan of Wilder though. Your middle names are more my style.

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