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    Wow, harder than I thought! Mostly Uzbek and Arabic names (I hesitate to say "Muslim" names since some of the names are used by Arabic speaking Christians as well) but a few slightly more familiar English names as well.

    f - Mirabel
    f - Mehra (Uzbek - love)
    f - Minerva
    m -Mirza (Uzbek - honorary title)
    f - Mercy
    m -Malik
    m -Musa (Arabic variation of Moses)
    m -Mohammed
    m -Maverick
    f - Miracle
    m -Mansur (Arabic - Victorious)
    f - Marjon (Uzbek - Coral)
    f - Mariam
    m -Mahdi (Arabic - Rightly guided)
    f - Maimoona ( Arabic - Lucky, blessed)
    f - Marvarid (Uzbek - Pearl)
    m -Mohsin (Arabic - charitable)
    f - Mona (Arabic - Wish, desire)
    f - Mariposa

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