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    A Dugger-esque Game

    Okay, here are the rules. You have 19 children! Yay! The catch is, their names follow the Duggar tradition of sharing a first letter with their father. Can you find 19 names you love that start with the same letter as your Significant Other? If you have no significant other, please chose a name you think will be challenging. To determine whether your children are male or female roll the dice for each child. Even is female, odd is male. I'll go first. My husband's real first name is Clifton, but since he goes by Tyler and has since the day he was born I'll use T.

    1. Theodore Steven
    2. Tabitha Lorraine
    3. Tolliver Eugene
    4. Trevor Samuel
    5. Tristan Oliver
    6. Troy Benjamin
    7. Travis Immanuel
    8. Temperance Rebecca
    9. Tucker Louis
    10. Tatiana Melody
    11. Tallulah Giselle
    12. Tobias James
    13. Twyla Michelle
    14. Thatcher Sterling
    15. Tuesday Harmony
    16. Tawny Simone
    17. Tivona Juliette
    18. Truman Royce
    19. Tatum Rafael
    DS: Laikon Timothy
    DD: Faedra Elise
    DS: Eion Tyler

    Girl: Adelaide, Calixta, Ruby, Ivy, Atalaya, Zinnia, Isla, Cambria, Piper, Willow, Harmony, Coraline, Juniper, Temperance, Nova, Aria, Tesla, Ayla, Linden, Athena, Mayla.

    Boy: Zane, Ezra, Cyrus, Phoenix, Kellen, Sylas, Leo, Theon, Avory, Eamon, Sawyer, Roan, Kieran, Rhys, Adrian, Tobyn, Jacoby, Felix, Kyler, Roman, Desmond.

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