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    LN: Duggar

    10. Jason Michael

    4. SD
    Sophie Danielle

    3. 5

    Birth 1: Daughter - Danielle Amanda
    Birth 2: Son/Daughter - Matthew Robert and Chloe Elizabeth
    Birth 3: Son - Rory Mason
    Birth 4: Son/Son - Noah Nathan and Nolan Nicholas
    Birth 5: Daughter/Daughter - Delilah Jasmine and Lucy Avery
    Sophia's Names:

    Girls~ Olivia Grace, Cassidy Ellen, Orla Alice, Isobel Raine, Amabel Jaclyn, Bronwyn Noelle & Madeleine Greer
    Boys~ Deacon Matthew, Reilly Brooks, Sawyer Evan, Liam Jordan, Elliott Noah, Rowan Jude & Gage Michael

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    LN: Duggar

    2. James Andrew

    Ruth Maria


    8. 14

    Children: (roll once for each birth)
    1. Son
    2. Daughter/Daughter
    3. Daughter
    4. Son
    5. Daughter/Son/Son/Daughter
    6. Son/Son
    7. Daughter
    8. Daughter
    9. Son
    10. Son/Daughter

    Naming Rules:
    Birth 1: named after one of the parents
    Son- James Campbell Duggar
    Birth 2: both first and middle names can NOT end with 'A' or 'N'
    Son- Thomas Andrew Duggar
    Birth 3: there must be a 'Y' in one of the names
    Daughter- Lucy Mabel Duggar
    Birth 4: first and middle names must start with the same letter
    Daughter-Daughter: Gwendolen Gloria Duggar and Georgiana Grace Duggar
    Birth 5: one of the names must be after a song
    Son. Alfred "Alfie" George Duggar
    Birth 6: one of the names must start and end with the same letter
    Daughter/Daughter: Eleanore May and Harriet Nancy Duggar
    Birth 7: both names must be two syllables each
    Bridget Mary Duggar, Henry David Duggar, Arthur Rupert Duggar, Lyra Erin Duggar
    Birth 8: both names must start with a vowel (doesn't have to be the same vowel)
    Son/Son: Edward Charles Duggar and Ivan Patrick Duggar

    Gwen and Georgie
    Nora and Hattie
    Birdy, Harry, Arty and Lyra
    Teddy and Ivan

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    LN: Duggar
    DH: Jedidiah Robert
    DW: Lacy Paige

    DD: Delilah Paige
    DS/DS: Nathaniel Zane & Matthew Jake
    DD: Aubrey Jade
    DS/DS: Daniel Drake & Dominick Drew
    DD: Lucy Blaire
    DS: David Ross
    DD: Olivia Elle (skipped to naming rule #8 since I hade a one syllable mn sibset going)

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    Jedediah Robert
    Noemi Solange

    1. DS1: Solomon Novak
    2. DS2: Nero Harbor Thames
    3. DS3: Twain Aloysius
    4. DS4&DD1: Absalom Ark & Antigone Ask
    5. DD2: Abigail Molly Maeve
    6. DD3, DS5, DS6 & DD4: Remember Tess, Taft Chazaiah, Cyriac Mordechai, & Miriam Fifer
    7. DS7&DS8: Fearless Speaker & Steadfast Arrow
    8. DD5: Aster Eirini Olive
    9. DS 9: Othello Pollux

    Saul (19) Nero (18) Twain (15) Aksel & Tish (14) Molly (12) Ember, Taft, Kai & Mimi (11), Fess & Stat (7) Aster (4) Tell (2)
    Isolde (Feb 2012) & Poet (Aug 2013) #3 Coming June 2015
    Absalom Aslan Aura Beau Chrysanthemum Cocoa Coraline Crow Dandelion Dodger Dragonsong Echo El-ahrairah Fable Hawkeye Hedwig Ivan Kingsmark Ksenia Madrigal Mercury Oz Penna Poem Raspberry Sapphire Snow Sweetbriar Tundra Wit

    names and stories and such

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    LN: Duggar

    DH: John David

    DW: Cordelia Rosaline

    Births: 4

    Birth1: Johnathan Daniel
    Birth2: William Matthew & Scarlett Jolie
    Birth3: Myra Thalia & Liv Kayla
    Birth4: Calista Cosima

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