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    Northern Ireland
    LN: Duggar

    DH: James Andrew

    DW: Lucia Penelope

    Births: 5

    Children: (roll once for each birth)
    1) Son called James Andrew
    2) daughter called Beatrice Emily
    3) Son/Son called Dylan Riley & Lucas Sebastian
    4) Daughter/Daughter called Aria Alexis & Emilia Eve
    5) Son called Oliver Jude

    James & Lucia have James , Bea , Dylan , Luka , Ari , Emi , Oli

    Naming Rules:
    Birth 1: named after one of the parents
    Birth 2: both first and middle names can NOT end with 'A' or 'N'
    Birth 3: there must be a 'Y' in one of the names
    Birth 4: first and middle names must start with the same letter
    Birth 5: one of the names must be after a song
    Birth 6: one of the names must start and end with the same letter
    Birth 7: both names must be two syllables each
    Birth 8: both names must start with a vowel (doesn't have to be the same vowel)
    Birth 9: both names must have a the letter 'L' in them
    Birth 10: one name must be three syllables and the other must be one syllable
    Birth 11: both names must be Irish
    Birth 12: one of the names must end with L, S, or T the other name must end with B, H, or R
    Birth 13: one name must be four letters long and the other must be 7 letters long
    Birth 14: one name must be unisex and the other name must be occupational
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