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    Sextuplets g&b change

    Okay so I see these for quintuple ts or quads of the same sex so I created my own version.
    *This may have been done before however I have not seen it*

    -Poster 1 will give 6 names - 3 male, 3 female ie.

    Aurora Lily
    Rosalie Anna
    Elowen Ruby
    Deacon Caleb
    Isaiah Drake
    Everett Leon

    And poster 2 will keep 1 girl name and 1 boys name.
    They will then change the FN of 1 girl and one boy and then change the MN of 1 girl and one boy.

    For example:

    Aurora Lily (Kept)
    Rosalie Ann (Changed MN)
    Freya Ruby (Changed FN)
    Leander Caleb (Changed FN)
    Isaiah Drake (Kept)
    Everett Quinn (Changed MN)-

    I'll start:

    Aurora Juliet
    Rosalie Esmee
    Isabelle Arden
    Everett Quinn
    Rafferty Luis
    Oliver Maddox
    Aurora Poppy - Juliet Arwen - Rosalie Esme - Evelina Jean - Isabella Fae - Freya Adelyn - Clara Evelyn - Ophelia Rose
    Nico Malachi - Oliver Brady - Leo Harrison - Dante Harvey - Finley Cohen - Jacob Franco - Everett Cody - Roscoe Elias

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