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Thread: First Birthday

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    First Birthday

    You are throwing a birthday party for your child who is turning 1. You and your husband have decided to invite both of your extended families. You will need this dice.

    You and your husband/wife are married. For how many children you have, roll the six sided dice. You automatically have one child. If you get 1-4, that is how many other kids you have. If you get a 5 or a 6, you only have the one year old.

    For ages, roll the 20 sided die. Your youngest child is one years old, no matter what you roll on the dice.

    For genders, roll the six sided die. Even numbers are girls, odd numbers are boys.

    Roll for you and your spouse's names, and then roll again for your childrens names.
    First names:
    2: Girls:

    Last Names:

    Now, time for each family!

    You will use the same rules for your family and your spouse's family.

    Both sets of parents come to the birthday. To find their names, put your first and middle name into the inspirations on . To find your spouse's parents name, clear the inspirations and put their first and middle name.

    Roll the ten sided dice to find out how many siblings you have and how many your spouse has. If you roll an 8, you are an only child. For each sibling, roll the 8 sided die to determine how many kids each sibling has. If you roll a 7, they have no children. If the sibling has children, give them a spouse.

    Determine genders with the six sided die. Even numbers are girls, odd numbers are boys.
    Determine the ages of the kids with the 20 sided die. If you roll a 20, the child is an infant.

    For the names of the siblings, the kids, and the spouses, roll the 20 sided die. Use the same last name generator you used earlier to determine last names.
    1: Girls:
    7: Girls:
    9: Name starts with an A
    11: (New Mexico, 1974 for siblings, 2007 for kids)
    13: 5 letter name
    16: (any of the character or cast names from season 3)
    20: Name that means 'happy', 'joy', or 'shining'
    rita margaret || hazel presley || stella jude || lane michelle || coralie mary || november marie

    john charles || ezra joseph || sawyer patrick || ryder frederick || peyton wyatt

    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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    DH: Harrison Orlando Denning
    DW: Kate Evangeline (Steen) Denning
    DS: Deacon West Denning (4)
    DS: Hart Winslow Denning (1)

    Harrison's Family:
    Mom: Anita Charlotte (Haines) Denning
    Dad: Mario Ramon Denning
    Sister: Angelica Dominique Denning {Angie}

    Kate's Family:
    Mom: Katharine Helena (McNally) Steen {Katie}
    Dad: George Felix Steen
    Brother: Felix Asher Steen
    Sister: Abigail Joyce Steen {Abby}
    Sister: Naomi Allegra Steen
    Brother: Whelan Edgar Steen
    Sister: Gwyneth Blythe Steen {Gwyn}
    Brother: Edward Eamon Steen {Eddie}
    Sister: Farah Joy Steen
    Brother: Robert Adair Steen {Bobby}
    Brother: Sealey Meyer Steen
    Sister: Edie Joscelin Steen

    Angie's Family:
    DW: Angelica Dominique (Denning) Sigler
    DH: Brett Tyson Sigler

    Felix's Family:
    DH: Felix Asher Steen
    DW: Peyton Landry (Joiner) Steen
    DS: Jackson Beckham Steen {Jack} (5)

    Abby's Family:
    DW: Abigail Joyce (Steen) Swan {Abby}
    DH: Henry Seamus Swan
    DS: Maxwell Smith Swan {Max} (infant, twin)
    DD: Isley Fiona Swan (infant, twin)

    Naomi's Family:
    DW: Naomi Allegra (Steen) Colbert
    DH: Nolan Troy Colbert
    DD: Mabel Nicola Colbert (17, twin)
    DD: Macie Lucille Colbert (17, twin)
    DS: Kegan Thorsten Colbert (14)
    DD: Chloe Bronte Colbert (10)
    DS: Ruben Cody Colbert (8)

    Whelan's Family:
    DH: Whelan Edgar Steen
    DW: Amy Shannon (Marcus) Steen
    DD: Lily Vanessa Steen (4, triplet)
    DS: Ryan Andrew Steen (4, triplet)
    DS: Sean Caleb Steen (4, triplet)

    Gwyn's Family:
    DW: Gwyneth Blythe (Steen) Jenkins {Gwyn}
    DH: Albert Ray Jenkins {Al}
    DD: Jadyn Lucia Jenkins (17)
    DS: Brock Emmet Jenkins (13)
    DD: River Aspen Jenkins (12)
    DS: Kyden Grant Jenkins (8)

    Eddie's Family:
    DH: Edward Eamon Steen {Eddie}
    DW: Heather Dianna (Powell) Steen
    DS: Cory Jacob Steen (11)
    DS: Riley Jones Steen (10)
    DD: Lea Quinn Steen (9)
    DS: Rory Kevin Steen (8)
    DS: Finn David Steen (2)
    DS: Kurt Jesse Steen (1)

    Farah's Family:
    DW: Farah Joy (Steen) Herring
    DH: Carson Nathaniel Herring
    DS: Sterling Wayne Herring (15, triplet)
    DD: Wynona Wendy Herring {Winnie} (15, triplet)
    DS: Tayden Wiley Herring (15, triplet)
    DD: Adeline Maria Herring {Addie} (12)
    DS: Kieran Davis Herring (10)
    DD: Thalia Emery Herring (9, twin)
    DS: Greyson Eliot Herring {Grey} (9, twin)
    DD: Brielle Casey Herring (4)

    Bobby's Family:
    DH: Robert Adair Steen {Bobby}
    DW: Hillary Lorena (Burrell) Steen
    DS: Ryder Lamont Steen (14)
    DS: Cash Frederick Steen (8)
    DS: Luke Malcolm Steen (6)
    DD: Makenna Cassidy Steen (4)
    DD: Bailey Janelle Steen (1)
    DD: Jasmine Alexia Steen (infant)

    Sealey's Family:
    DH: Sealey Meyer Steen
    DW: Cecilia Iris (Olvera) Steen {Cici}
    DS: Ari Paul Steen (18)
    DD: Avery Alison Steen (16)
    DS: Abel Stuart Steen (13)
    DS: Alfie Floyd Steen (12)
    DS: Aiden Denis Steen (10)
    DD: Alice Corrina Steen (8)
    DD: Ayla Jane Steen {Ayla Jane} (4, twin)
    DD: Avia Marie Steen (4, twin)

    Edie's Family:
    DW: Edie Joscelin (Steen) Rockwell
    DH: Darius Benas Rockwell
    DS: Eli Daniel Rockwell (12)
    DS: Jeremy Mark Rockwell (8)
    DS: Oliver Peter Rockwell {Ollie} (6)
    DD: Layla Caroline Rockwell (infant)
    rita margaret || hazel presley || stella jude || lane michelle || coralie mary || november marie

    john charles || ezra joseph || sawyer patrick || ryder frederick || peyton wyatt

    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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    DH: Wyatt Rufus Bidoli
    DW: Sunny Lavinia Harcus Bidoli

    20 - Ozias Gideon Bidoli *Ozi*
    19 - Octavia Mary Bidoli *Avia*
    12 - Arlo Neville Bidoli
    4 - Alexander Holden Bidoli *Skandar*
    1 - Clara Helen Bidoli

    DMGM: Ivy Davina Elrod Harcus
    DMGF: Foster Noah Harcus

    Sunny Lavinia Harcus Bidoli
    Sawyer Paul Harcus

    DPGM: Grace Cornelia Bidoli
    DPGF: Travis Liam Bidoli

    Rigby Sebastian Bidoli *Rigs*
    Jace Wintston Bidoli
    Wyatt Rufus Bidoli
    Aria Venus Bidoli
    Barrett Emmanuel Bidoli

    Sawyer Paul Harcus & Maria Sage Arentz Harcus
    -- 19 - Julian Asher Harcus
    -- 18 - Luna Brooke Harcus
    -- 16 - Christian Seeley Harcus
    -- 15 - Zoe Diana Harcus
    -- 10 - Truman Tucker Harcus
    -- 7 - Koa Jacob Harcus & Leilani Isabella Harcus *Leila*
    -- 2 - Quinn Edward Harcus

    Rigby Sebastian Bidoli *Rigs* & Moana Marley Hellmiss Bidoli
    -- 19 - Gray Darren Bidoli
    -- 17 - Willa Delaney Bidoli

    Barrett Emmanuel Bidoli & Deanna Shelby Knapp Bidoli
    -- 18 - Phoebe Anna Bidoli
    -- 7 - Kipling Alistair Bidoli & Wilder Aaron Bidoli
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    DH: David Gideon Bekins
    DW: Lucille Emma "Lucy" Bekins (Kirchner)
    DS: Henry James Bekins (1)

    David's Family:
    Father: Michael John Bekins
    Mother: Grace Deborah Bekins
    -Sister: Sarah Kristy Fitzner (Bekins)
    --DH: Christopher Sawyer "Chris" Fitzner
    ---DS: Dylan Asher Fitzner (8)
    ---DD: Emily Sophia Fitzner (5)
    ---DS: Beauregard Maxwell "Beau" Fitzner (4)
    -Brother: Nathan Hadley Bekins
    --DW: Louise Jennifer Bekins (Armstrong)
    ---DD: Quinn Lindsey Bekins (17)
    ---DD: Isabella Ansley Bekins (11)
    ---DS: Finn Andrew Bekins (6)
    ---DS: Logan Kai Bekins (1)

    Lucy's Family:
    Father: Herman Emile Kirchner
    Mother: Virginia Adele Kirchner
    -Brother: Jeremy Brady Kirchner
    --DW: Blythe Harper Kirchner (Parker)
    ---DD: Hannah Gabriella Kirchner (13)
    ---DD: Mia Anna Kirchner (11)
    -Sister: Kate Jordan Kirchner
    -Sister: Samantha Maya "Sam" Lunderville (Kirchner)
    --DH: William Kieran "Will" Lunderville
    ---DS: Hunter Tyler Lunderville(4)

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    DH: Davis Alec Reinerman
    DW: Mila Lucienne (Campo) Reinerman
    DS: Charles William Reinerman "Charlie" (1)

    Reinerman Family
    Mom: Mallory Jeannine Reinerman
    Dad: Stanley Howell Reinerman
    Sister: Katherine Edith "Kate" Reinerman
    Sister: Allison Elizabeth "Allie" Reinerman
    Brother: Lukas Benjamin "Luke" Reinerman
    Sister: Rhiannon Gwyn "Annie" Reinerman
    Sister: Lacey Taylor Reinerman
    Sister: Abigail Joy "Abby" Reinerman

    Mom: Katherine Edith "Kate" (Reinerman) Squill
    Dad: Erik Tristan Squill
    Daughter: Emma Roselyn Squill (13)
    Daughter: Layla Iris Squill (12)

    Mom: Allison Elizabeth "Allie" (Reinerman) Lewis
    Dad: Joel Frederick Lewis
    Son: Hayden Parker Lewis (19)
    Daughter: Cadence Myriam Lewis (14)
    Daughter: Taylor Maya Lewis (12)
    Daughter: Bryanna June "Bree" Lewis (5)
    Daughter: Adelaide Sonya "Addie" Lewis (3)

    Mom: Rhiannon Gwyn "Annie" (Reinerman) MacDonald
    Dad: Kristian Edward MacDonald
    Son: Jack Maxwell MacDonald (18)
    Son: Felix Asher MacDonald (10)
    Daughter: Isabella Lily "Bella" MacDonald (7)

    Mom: Lacey Taylor (Reinerman) Spinelli
    Dad: Brett Asher Spinelli
    Son: Reese Lane Spinelli (18)

    Mom: Abigail Joy "Abby" (Reinerman) Trusha
    Dad: Tyler Dylan Trusha
    Son: Beckett Austen Trusha (15)
    Daughter: Eleanor Madeline "Ellie" Trusha (8)
    Son: Jaden Dylan Trusha (4)
    Daughter: Gwendolen Catrin "Gwen" Trusha (Infant)

    Campo Family
    Mom: Sophia Ruby Campo
    Dad: Archer Jonah Campo
    Sister: Alexandra Charlotte "Alex" Campo
    Sister: Brynn Victoria Campo

    Mom: Alexandra Charlotte "Alex" (Campo) Metclaf
    Dad: Derrick Weston Metcalf
    Son: Clifford Peter Metcalf "Cliff" (19)
    Daughter: Brooke Ansley Metcalf (15)
    Son: Sawyer Quinn Metcalf (10)
    Son: Logan Flynn Metcalf (10)
    Daughter: Piper Hadley Metcalf (3)
    Daughter: Aspen Arabella Metcalf (2)

    Mom: Brynn Victoria (Campo) Bergman
    Dad: Kaleb Garrett Bergman
    Daughter: Anna Alexandra Bergman (13)
    Son: Hank Jackson Bergman (4)
    Son: Finn Matthew Bergman (Infant)

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