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    WDYT of Cricket?

    I am desperate to find a spunky, maybe slightly tomboyish name for our new daughter. My favorites are Bo, Clementine, Blossom (which is admittedly nowhere near tomboyish), Clover, Molly, Tabitha, Cate, and Pippa. Today I came across Cricket, and my initial reaction was that it embodies all I'm looking for. A bonus is that my mom ADORES it. But then I started second-guessing myself, so now I'm here to see what you guys think.

    I haven't said so before, but we have 7 daughters (our new daughter from China will be our 8th). We kept two of our daughters' given names after we adopted them because they were older (they are from Haiti and Ethiopia), but our other are daughters are Zoe, Lily, Maizie, Sofie, and Cora.

    I thought I wanted something that is along the same lines as our other daughters' names, and I know Cricket would be a departure, but I'm really liking it right now. What do you think?

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    Honestly.. I don't like it. It's too out there and odd for my taste. It could be a cute nn though! I had the nn Monkey as a kid, so nns that have nothing to do with their given name are just fine!

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    I dont like it at all. I know a girl named Cricket and her sister is Ariel. Not a fan.

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    I think Cricket is cute, but I would name her Cate or even Clementine and nickname her Cricket.
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    I deffinetly do not like Cricket. I think of the concience from Pinnochio, or the actual bug. Clementine nicknamed Cricket might work instead.

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