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    Need Help For My Baby Girl

    Hi everyone --

    I'm stressing over not having a name yet for my little girl. I'm only 4 months, but I've known it was a girl for over a month already, and I can't even come up with a short list!

    Here are some things

    1. My last name starts with S
    2. I like classic sounding names.
    3. Easy to spell/pronounce. No obvious ethnic implication
    4. No made up names. No creative spelling
    5. Not a super popular name where there will be 2 or 3 or more in her class.
    6. I love soft feminine names. Starting with a short vowel sound would be a bonus.

    Here are some names I've thought of and why they won't work:

    Alice --> Doesn't go with an "S" last name
    Ella --> Too popular
    Megan --> Spelling disaster
    Molly --> I do like it, but seems like it's getting too popular. Also, does it work for an adult?
    Julia ---> There's nothing WRONG with this name. I just don't love it.
    Zoe --> Love it, but it was a pet's name :P Also, too popular maybe?
    Elizabeth / Nickname Libby --> Considering it.
    Dorothy --> I want to like it, but it still sounds just slightly too dated for me.
    Elsa --> I like it, but don't know if it's going to sound too dumpy.

    If it had been a boy I might have gone with Asher - although that seems like it's getting too popular too.

    Anyway - hopefully that gives a sense for the names I'm considering.

    Would love advice.
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    - Etta
    - Lena
    - Leta
    - Eva
    - Olive
    - Iris
    - Colette
    - Esme
    - Ada
    - Clara
    - Emme
    - Emmeline
    - Annabel
    - Adeline
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    Alice -> Adele?
    Ella -> Eleanor?
    Megan -> Margaret nn Meg? Megan feels somewhat 80s to me, do you like Erin or Erica? Start with a short vowel sound and meet some of your other criteria
    Molly -> I like it, it's not too popular at all around me but be sure it works for you. What about Polly? Amalia nn Mali/Molly? Mary nn Molly with other nn options?
    Julia -> Juliet? Dahlia (nn Dolly since you like Molly?)
    Zoe -> Phoebe, Daphne? Zara?
    Elizabeth -> Edith? Eliza?
    Libby -> Lydia?
    Dorothy -> Thea? Dora? Could have nn Dolly like Molly
    Elsa -> Elena? Eliza?

    Here are a few more thoughts:

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