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    Looks like her name is Stella!! WDYT for a mn??

    Well it looks like our baby girl coming in May will be "Stella"!! We both liked the name and shared it with our parents and then it just kinda naturally developed to the point where now my husband and I, and both parents, are calling her by name already.

    Still looking at middle names....below is our final short list. We realize that our middle name list, to some, may be considered "common" or "filler" middle names, but these are the ones we like!! Of our list "Rose" and "Raye" (I prefer this spelling to Rae for some reason, WDYT?) are both family names, and therefore our current front-runners. Let us know which you like best.....Comments/Suggestions welcome. Thanks!!

    Stella Raye Shirley
    Stella Grace Shirley
    Stella Rose Shirley
    Stella Jane Shirley

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    All the best,

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    I like Stella Rose and Stella Jane the best. They both balance Stella's spunky with a sweeter, more rooted name. Lovely! Raye is alright (I like that it has a family connected), but I prefer the others' variety of sounds (an extra S in Rose, the J and N sounds in Jane) over Raye. The only one I find truly filler-y is Grace; it seems rather dull and overused to me at this point.

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    I vote for Stella Raye Shirley.

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    Usually I am not a bug fan of Ray/Rae/Raye but I really like it here. I vote for Stella Raye Shirley, it is just so cute!

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