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    A case of bndd - can the hospital just charge it to our bill and name this little man

    I have been truly inspired by Ohio mom of two, Kristen Hunger. She labeled and defined BNDD (Baby Name Desensitization Disorder) giving me a life raft on my quest to no where it seemed. She is currently pregnant with her 3rd after having two beautiful babies with names she was madly in love with and then developed this horrid disorder (BNDD). I thought I was all alone and hopeless until reading her post; all of the sudden I found much needed hope and a little relaxation in her story.

    Like Kristen and her husband, we are pregnant only this time around with our 4th child which happens to be our 3rd boy. I have three beautiful and wonderful children named as follows: Vaughn (m), Rogan (m) and Berkley (f). My husband and I are, Jason and Kim Smith. That's right folks the most common name in America. My husband had to have all of his mail marked by social security number at college as there were several other Jason's with the same middle name in his dorm. Upon getting married we quickly found that our financial system and government is not as proactive, they do not operate by social security number when researching who is fiscally responsible. Needless to say the other Jason/Kim Smith's in our area both individually and together have some incredibly bad habits in regards to NOT paying their bills. This falls on our shoulders and our two friends' to sign and verify affidavits any time we want to purchase property or refinance. Dabbling in real estate property you can imagine the headache this creates in bothering our friends! Needless to say our quest is taken VERY SERIOUSLY in finding names that are unique and something that we like. Rogan and Berkley do not even register on our Baby Name Social Security rankings for our state. Much to our chagrin Berkley has become very popular in this area - so much for our try on that one.

    Much as Kristen has described BNDD has left me feeling unexcited by any and every name otu there. I have scoured books, the entire internet and movies to review credits for a whopping NOTHING in the naming department for this very loved little man. This leaves me feeling apathetic and numb just like Kristen so eloquently described with her entire BNDD process. I want a name that I fall in complete love with. A name that inspires me and where I dream of his life, future and greatness (I'm already doing that of course I would just like a name to go along with my visions)!

    You should also know that I married an amazing man who is the love of my life! When it comes to names this is an area that we can truly butt heads! He has been integral in naming ALL of our children. With Berkley he heard the name and that was it, he refused to look or hear anything else. I was skeptical and had a 2nd name picked out which was Bryn until my boss and I chatted about the name they had for their baby girl due a few months after our baby girl. That conversation resulted in us going back to having just Berkley needless to say. My husband is a big pile of goo when our babies are born and even gave me the golden ticket with Berkley when she arrived. He was so in love with her and everyone that names didn't matter to him at that moment like they had in the past. Needless to say not having a backup ready to go really took me by surprise. Another huge surprise was when I looked at her all I could see was my little precious and beautiful Berkley Lena, that was who she truly was!

    So, cut to pregnancy #4 and my sweet lovable hubby is at it again. He has fallen madly in love with the name Oscar and refuses to hear or look at other naming options. This time around I want something that I am madly in love with and I will stop at nothing until I find it. I have also told him this and I refuse to be caught with my pants down when this baby comes (okay that was a bad analogy but ya catch my drift ha,ha)!

    Clearly in my quest I am left empty handed and wondering if I should just give in and let Oscar grow on me... I do like the nickname Ozzy but, I do not feel the flow of it and well, very apathetic to this name choice overall. All the men's names in this family end with an n.... JasoN, VaughN, RogaN... The females are Kimberly and Berkley. This was not planned and something that certainly does not have to continue but, I would love our final boys name to end in an N to keep the 'flow' if you will. Is that the nuttiest thing ya'll have ever heard?

    I do have baby naming requirements that I am willing to throw out in a heartbeat upon finding that name that finally clicks with me (if that is to happen this go round). I feel they are not over the top but, I am open to the fact I have lost my sanity on this issue long ago

    1. I would like the name to end in N
    2. I would like to avoid J, K, V, R, and B initials, if possible
    3. I think a two+ syllable name would flow better with Smith than a one syllable name
    4. I want a unique name that does not leave people curling their lips upon hearing it, as well as embodying a strong, gender specific feeling

    I am completely out of my league on this one and maybe I just need some positive reinforcement? Am I being to greedy or searching for the unattainable, it is very possible! The hospital staff may indeed be in charge of naming this little munchkin
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    Here's some suggestions. Some of them are a bit 'out there' but they're not common!

    My favorites right now:
    Girls: Alena, Anya, Emme, Fable, Gwyneth, Thalia, Thora, Vaiva
    Boys: August, Bodhi, Blake, Declan, Eamon, Fergus, Finch, Rory

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    How about Augustin?

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    The first name that came to mind was Oberon. It has the "O" first letter that should appeal to your husband, as well as the -n ending you desire, PLUS it has a strong history to boot!! When I think about a little Oberon, I see a strong and loving young man who still retains his child-like innocence and views life as "glass half full".

    Hope that helps, Kim!! xx

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