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  • Gisele Eve

    11 17.46%
  • Giselle Eve

    41 65.08%
  • Gisella Eve

    11 17.46%
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    Please take a minute to vote, I really can't decide - Gisele, Giselle or Gisella???

    To go with twin sisters Saskia Grace and Milla Rose.

    Leaning towards Eve as a middle name, but also considering Skye and Fleur.

    Please feel free to share any thoughts.
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    Go with two ll"s or it looks like a spelling mistake. I vote Giselle.

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    Love Giselle!! I, too, think that 2 ll's is the most accepted (and more easily spelled) version. I personally prefer the flow of Giselle Fleur or Giselle Skye over Giselle Eve (I think it's the vowel at the front of Eve that makes the name blur together a little for me: Giselleve), but I think that Giselle Eve works well enough.


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    Cair Paravel :)
    I voted Giselle. While I like Gisella for the more accessible nn Ella, Giselle as a full name appeals to me more. Giselle Eve is very pretty!
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    I voted Giselle for a couple of reasons:

    1) it looks complete
    2) I like how the repeated L looks
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