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    I also want to add that you shouldn't "plan" on a certain number of children. Just take them as they come and plan from there. You might find that you can only handle two children and decide to not want any more.

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    Hi, We're a family of 8 kids - 15y, 8y, 6y, 3y, 1.5y triplets and 2w!

    Do each of your kids have their own rooms? We live in a 4 bed house so no! My oldest has her own room (the study downstairs!). The others all share 2-3 per room, the baby is currently in our room but will move in with his brothers when he's a bit older. To be honest, I think it does a child a lot of good to have to share. They learn respect for each others spaces and to be considerate to one another.

    What do you do to save money? All the standard stuff: home cooked meals - as babies the kids have always had whatever the rest if us were having mashed up rather than buying baby food. breastfeed (although we did combi feed with the triplets!): free and nutritious! Our kids don't do hundreds of activities - they all get to choose one within a certain price. We do hand me downs on clothes and I do also make a fair amount of the kids clothes myself - the rest come from sales/charity shops etc. We have board game evenings, a film and pizza evening (homemade of course!) etc. once a week instead of going out. We also walk everywhere if possible to save on petrol costs!

    Do both parents work? I don't work mainly due to the costs of childcare - you will find that you couldn't get it if you wanted it with this many children: they just don't want to know!

    How do you manage with lots of kids? Do you ever feel outnumbered by your children? We just do! I'm not going to say it's easy but everyone has their role to play in the family be that through helping each other, doing their chores, being pleasant to each other - we find an achievement chart is very motivating - they get an ink stamp on their column for completing tasks etc! Whoever has the most gets to choose the movie we watch on friday night. I've never felt outnumbered, we have strict rules about behaviour in the house as well as when out and about and woe betide anyone who steps over them!! That does make me sound like a tyrant but as some of the previous posters have said I believe children need rigid guidelines to grow up with regardless if there is one or 20. Yes we do get tantrums but I have no problem with disciplining them in public: you just get over the embarassment quite quickly and honestly I hardly ever have to simply because the kids know I will!

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    We have 3, ds-4, dd-will be 3 in May, and dd-will be 2 in a couple of weeks. They came to us separately through adoption so they are packed really close together and all really young, which seems to overwhelm onlookers haha!

    Do each of your kids have their own rooms? Nope, and even if we had the extra bedrooms, we'd still double them up! I think it's good life experience to share a room-you learn to solve problems and live with someone else. Our girls share and our boy has his own room for now, but we're not done yet

    What do you do to save money? Budget and plan! We very rarely eat out, and don't buy convenience foods. We have a garden in the summer, bake our own breads and baked goods from scratch, make and can spaghetti sauce and diced tomatoes, freeze other fresh produce from the garden for use in the winter. We buy a lot of organic produce and dairy products, so we aren't completely skimping. Health comes first in our food budget.

    We almost never buy new clothes for ourselves, and clothe the kids with the local kid's resale shop and mom2mom sales

    We don't have cable tv or smartphones, we make our own laundry soap and household cleaners. We moved from a more upscale town to a smaller nearby town where the taxes were wayyy less. Anywhere that we can cut back, we do, and then when we find a need for extra spending money, it's there!

    Do both parents work? DH works, I stay at home. I always wanted to stay at home, and DH always wanted a stay at home wife.

    How do you manage with lots of kids? You just do! I found that going from one child to 2 was harder than going from 2-3. As DH likes to say "it's only a 50% growth!" From what I've heard, going from 3-4, 4-5, etc is even easier. you already have a routine and you're already capable of handling the kids you have, so what's one more?

    Do you ever feel outnumbered by your children? There are times in the grocery store where they are all running different directions, or when all of them are having a tantrum at the same time (with our almost 2 and almost 3 we're in multiple stages of terrible two's!) but I often find myself laughing in those moments. What else can you do? We waited so long to have this family, and we both always wanted big families. Even when it's miserable 3 way tantrums, I still find myself chuckling, I can't believe this is my life

    Please tell me all the great and gritty details of a big family! It is always busy, always loud, always messy, and you will hear "wow, you have your hands full" at least once every time you leave the house. But it is so much fun!

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    I won't answer this in full as it isn't directed at me (only 3 atm - but praying for more!) but I just wanted to add one thing that hasn't really been mentioned yet.

    If you can then it is worth thinking and praying very carefully over where you decide to live.

    We moved 1500kms prior to having our first child and I'm so glad that we did. We now live in a country town (pop. 3000) where housing and land is cheap (low mortgage, vegies/chickens etc). Low groceries and fuel bills really help the budget for a bigger family. The school is great and cheap and outside activities such as sports are generally low cost and suit the whole family. We don't worry about restaurants/movies etc as their aren't any but free activities such as fishing and camping abound.

    Our family have a great - healthy, low stress lifestyle and I am able to be the SAHM I want to be. This choice isn't for everyone but I'm so glad that we made that decision to move from the city and would encourage everyone to at least think about it if they are considering having a larger family.

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    Well everyone faces difficulties, sometimes kids do outnumber us but patience is the key. My wife manages our kids and I handle the finances, also I have two kids which I think are more than enough. We have a common room for both the boys and my younger son used clothes of his older brother.

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