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    Opinions on possible names

    Holly Willow
    Isabel Willow
    Libby Willow
    Maddie Willow
    Keira Willow
    Charlie Willow
    Katelyn Willow

    Surname begins with P and has 3 syllables so don't want a P name.

    Willow has been chosen as mn by our two-year old so although wouldn't have been our favourite choice think it will stick.

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    I love Willow!

    My sister is Caitlyn, but we chose it almost 13 years ago before we realised how trendy it would become, I wouldn't pick it now but it is sweet. I just think the popularity and various spellings (Katelyn being one of my least faves) has taken the shine off the name.

    I really dislike very nicknamey names, Charlie, Maddie, Libby, being used without a full name, Charlotte, Madeleine, Elizabeth. So not a fan sorry, but if I had to pick my favourite of those 3 it'd be Libby. I just think I'd hate to be a 40 year old woman called Maddie, just Maddie. Or Charlie, just Charlie.

    Keira isn't my style but it's ok. It just reminds me too much of Keira Knightley and I'm not a fan of hers at all.

    Isabel is a pretty name, but so so overused right now, and Holly feels very 80s and dated to me. I know a lot of Holly's my age and slightly younger here in the UK (I'm 25) so I'm very bored of it now. Don't get me wrong though, it is a sweet name. I also don't like the combo Holly Willow though. Too much "L" and too much nature name.

    I'd probably choose Isabel Willow.

    Isabel is so overused right now but it is pretty, feminine and classic, and I think it flows best with Willow of all the names since it has 3 syllables.

    Madeleine Willow nn Maddie, Charlotte Willow nn Charlie or Elizabeth Willow nn Libby would be lovely too.

    I like just Kate, instead of Katelyn. Kate Willow is sassy.

    Best of luck
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    Isabel Willow! My name is Isabel and Willow is one of my favourites (top combo at the moment is Lucy Willow). Isabel is a good name. I go by Bella or Belle most of the time, though.

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    I like Isabel Willow the best! Very sweet. Second choice for me would be Holly Willow, but that's a lot of nature in one name!
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    Charlie Willow is the most unique out of all of those..

    Isabel... all of those are sooooo popular. I teach at a dance school and there are SO many of all of these names. I haven't actually met a Charlie (girl) yet...And Charlie Willow seems just so sweet and cute.
    A name that is cute and pretty and also a good grownup name...

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