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Thread: #2 needs a name

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    I think Annika and Gale have made my top choices
    what is funny is that I like Peeta from the Hunger games more than Gale, but my husband likes Gale more than Peeta. But Gale's name is better! I have to think about the Galen nn Gale thing... We live near a school that's name is Gehlen.

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    I prefer Galen as a name for a boy... i know quite a few Gayles who are women so to me Galen just sounds more masculin... Plus as he gets older if he feels the same way or if there were to be a Gayle in his class he could use the full name or the nn Len!
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    How about Stellan for a boy?

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    I really like both Galen and Gale, but I slightly prefer Gale as a full name. I think that Gael Garcia Bernal helps to make Gale wearable for a boy, and It's really unlikely that there will be a female Gayle or a Gail or a Gale in his class. Gayle has been out of the top 1000 since 1982, Gale since 1970, and Gail since 1985. There were 6 girls named Gayle in all of the U.S. in 2010 and 15 named Gail. In comparison, 688 boys were named Gael.

    Statistics from here:
    And the stuff about the top 1000 is from Behind the Name.

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    I don't think Gale is fair for a boy, I know a lot of girls called Gail or Gayle (your son may like to live outside the US one day!?) and Gael is pronounced HY-el so not comparable. Galen is very nice though and I also like the suggestions of Anakin (I can't see what the teasing would be for?) and Stellan is a favourite of mine but can't use it.

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