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    Lightbulb full name for Cordie?

    I came across the name/nickname Cordie the other day and thought "neat, like Corduroy," so I do like the warm sound of it. However, I feel it needs a longer full name? I was thinking maybe Coriander the d form the ander part. Is that too much stretching? Is Corduroy the only name that can be a longer form of Cordie? Opinions on Cordie?

    p.s. I just am fascinated by names and the stories behind them, no little ones for me.
    I just like names and languages.
    :geek:homespun names with a warm sitting-by-the-fire feeling, they're like comfort food but in name form :?:

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    I love Cordy as a nn for Cordelia

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    Cordelia! Love it!

    I think almost any name that starts with "Cor" could work. Corrine is another one I can think of.

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    Cordelia is the first thing that came to mind. I also love the sound of Coriander. But it seems like a boy's name to me.
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