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    Red face Help with middle names! 8 weeks to go! :)


    I desperately need help with middle name combos! My little girl is due April and we have decided her name will be Lily. Because of the popularity of Lily, I really want a beautiful unique middle name (or two). I just can't settle on one! Some that I like are :

    I also like Matisse, Isabel just as examples I am not set on any one set or even names, so any suggestions at all are welcome! My favorite ATM is Lily Monet Eden
    please feel free to add/drop/mix any names you like!
    Thanks! Oh and I love when the name has a great meaning like Annelie

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    I like Lily Paloma Claire the best, but Lily Monet Eden has a nice sound too. When I hear Monet, I think of lilies already because of his "Water Lilies" which I don't think is a bad connection.

    I am no good at the double middle name thing, but here are just some ideas to take or leave!

    Lily Teodora (love this so much more than Theodora)
    Lily Marianna
    Lily Mariah (not the most unique name, but I love the sound)
    Lily Marine
    Lily Reina
    Lily Reese
    Lily Adair
    Lily Azure

    Good luck and congrats!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love Lily! Despite its popularity, it's such a sweet, charming name. I, too, like Lily Paloma Claire best from your list. I want to love Lily Monet Eden, and I adore all three names separately, but I don't think it flows that great. I think Lily Eden Monet works better...

    I like a longer MN next to Lily... what about:

    Lily Ophelia Wren
    Lily Caroline Jane
    Lily Amelia Pearl
    Lily Julietta Kate
    Lily Annabel June
    Lily Zara Isabelle
    Lily Tabitha Claire
    Lily Josephine Tess
    Lily Penelope Grace
    Lily Anastasia Noelle
    Lily Felicity Fleur
    Lily Seraphina Elle
    Lily Emmeline Winter

    Good luck!
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    Ash, Lily Eden Monet is adorable amazing how a switch of names can sound so much sweeter! I love Lily Amelia Pearl/Wren, Lily Emmeline Winter (love Winter but not as fond of Emmeline) maybe a different winter combo? I also like the names Elle and Isabel from your list

    I also love the suggestion of Lily Isabel Matisse and like these Lily Helena Esme, Lily Adair .. please keep them coming so many great suggestions so far!! Thanks everyone!!

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