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    Girl to go with Annabelle Rose

    I'm frequently thinking of a name if my husband and I were to have another girl. Our daughter is Annabelle Rose and was named after both grandmothers and 3 of the 4 great grandmothers, most coming from similar meanings.
    For example, Janet and Jean both are variations of John meaning "God is Gracious" and Anna means grace. Bonnie means pretty and Belle means beautiful. Beulah sounds similar to Belle. Rose was the only one that was actually a great grandmothers name. After she was born, we found out from my husband's grandmother that her grandmother was Grandma Annabelle.
    With that much being put into our daughter's name, I feel like I need to put that much meaning into a second daughter's name. I need help coming up with combos that sound classic and vintage. The missing great grandmother is Gail Geneva, and the great grandmother that was only honored by sounds similar was Beulah Mae. Both grandmothers have the middle name starting with Lou (Louise and Lou).
    Names that I have been toying with are Eva, Louisa, Blythe (means happy and Gail is short for Abigail which means Rejoice), Maeve. Also I just like the names Cora (possibly Cordelia), Eleanor, Maisie, and Iris (means rainbow).

    So my questions are- What combos can you think of and what do you think of my combos? Is it odd to give one child a name with so much meaning and another a name just because you really like it? Is it wierd to do three names for a second child even though you didn't do it for the first?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    Possible combos are:
    Eva Louisa Beth
    Cora Felicity
    Margaret Blythe (nn Maizie)
    Margaret Gail
    Cordelia Gail (nn Cora)
    Cora Louisa
    Cora Geneva
    Cora Neve Iris
    Cora Maeve Iris
    Cordelia Maeva
    Eleanor Gail
    Eleanor Neve
    Lucy Beatrice

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    Hey, that's funny! One of my favorites is Blythe Margaret!

    Out of your's, it's not surprising why I like Margaret Blythe the best!
    Current Favorites:
    Girls: Juliet Elizabeth, Jacqueline Eden, Katherine Noelle, Charlotte Marie, Eliza Catherine, Eve Augusta,
    Isla Rose, Maeve Elizabeth

    Boys: Matthew Thomas, Maxwell David, Nicholas Paul, Benjamin Luke, Jonah Robert, William Peter,
    Joseph Alexander, Andrew James

    Names I'm not sure about:
    Esme Faith, Nora Genevieve, Claire Madeleine, Blyth Margaret, Margaux Claire, Jack William, Troy Christopher

    All the best,

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    I honestly love all of your choices, including your first daughter's name. Annabelle would have been on our list (our daughter is Virginia), but one of my husband's cousins already has that name.

    The only name that I could suggest that you haven't listed is Genevieve, which is similar to Geneva, but might work a bit better with Cora, so you don't have two names ending in a in a row.

    Good luck!

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    I think it's abigail Annabelle and Abigail are great together.
    Abigail Louise
    Abigail Eleanor
    Abigail Blythe
    Abigail Felicity

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