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    Yeah, Augustus Justice is just to much! Sorry!
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    I think it sounds awesome! It's like a super hero name If you cannot give up on Augustus then use it. I do agree that Augustine would also be a good switch if you are worried about the rhyme. Augustine Justice sounds equally powerful (and sill super hero-y! )

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    Thanks for the feedback! I have such a name crush on Augustus but know it sounds a bit much with our last name, sigh. Augusten is a very nice alternative though. Naming our firstborn came so easily, my husbands name is Jack and Champion is another family name. It's funny you should mention it, notsoclevername, everyone always tells us what an "awesome superhero" name we bestowed on him Our current top choice is Henry. We think Jack and Henry have a certain harmony together. We are about 98% settled on this choice but still open to any name that strikes us between now and July that may like even better.
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    Ooh I love Jack and Henry together certainly, and Henry Justice is great. Henry Augustus Justice, Henry August Justice, Henry Augustine Justice, Henry Augusten Justice, they are all soo nice! Oh and Austin for a different vibe, it comes from the same root as Augustus, and I quite like it with your surname and with Jack, some find it dated I suspect but to me it's cool. Good luck!

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    I, too, love Jack and Henry together! Such a handsome pairing. I would love to say yes to Augustus but it is a bit rhymey for me. I would love Jack and August paired together... but I'm biased (Jack August Cole is my second choice!).

    Good luck!
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