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    I think I already know the answer to this one :(

    So, I am in Love with the name Augustus. My husband loves it as well. But it rhymes with our last name! Augustus Justice Argghhhhh! Is this a complete no no?
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    Yeah, it's too sing-songy. But what about Augusten or August?
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    Jack Champion Justice is a bold choice, but Augustus Justice is too much. What about August?

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    Perhaps Augustine?

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    You have such an awesome last name, you are lucky! Jack Justin is pretty awesome, his brother deserves equal. I am afraid the rhyming just is too much. Also, Jack is nicknamey, and Augustus is really formal. I assume you would call him Gus? Jack and Gus is a cool match. You could put it in the middle, I don't think I'd mind it there so much. August is pretty handsome and I really love Augusten. Augusten Justice is a wildly handsome name. I can also see Ace as a nn btw, maybe especially with a C middle name, which would be another cool tie in to Jack Champion...

    Good luck!

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