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    Full name with nn Liv?

    I *adore* the name Olivia with nn Liv, but it is way too popular for my tastes. Are there any other names out there that could have a nn of Liv?

    I know Liv is a name on its own, but our last name starts with L and I'm not a big fan of alliteration, plus, I like a full, proper name.

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    Our other kids' names are Owen and Emmeline, if that helps

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    How about:


    Another suggestion is:
    You could spell "Olivia" differently, like:


    Or how about this twist on Olivia:

    Oliveyah (Olive-ay-ah)

    Hope I helped
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    Besides those suggestions above, there are the similar:


    Would it bother you to use another O name with Owen?

    Libby is an old nickname for Elizabeth, so I can see Lib/Liv by a stretch, maybe especially with a V middle name?

    Elizabeth Vera
    Elizabeth Vivian

    of course then you'd have two E names with Emmeline.

    I can also see Liv as a nickname for an L first name with Aviva or Vivian as a middle name..

    Lila Vivian / Lila Vivienne?
    Lily Aviva/Lily Vivian/Lily Vivienne
    Lillian Aviva

    I really love either Lily or Lila with Owen and Emmeline, Lillian is pretty good too.

    Also there is just Liv as a middle name and call her that...

    Good luck!

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    I don't mind repeat Os or Es. I love vowel names, so doubling up is fine.

    I would actually love to use Elizabeth, as it was my grandmother's name, but getting Liv from there seemed like kind of a stretch. Using a V middle name is genius, though! And I love Vera. Elizabeth Vera is gorgeous. And I know Elizabeth is almost as popular as Olivia, but it seems a bit more timeless to me.

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